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Thao Nguyen, Vietnam | Orange Coast College Global Engagement Center

Hello, my name is Thao Nguyen. I
come from Vietnam. I went to SNA School of North America. I am currently a student
Orange Coast College and I’m gonna transfer to UC Berkeley. Straight after
high school, I wasn’t prepared. I believe my essay- the grammar
was very bad. Secondly, I don’t have so much experience. To apply to top
universities like UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, those school, they require students not only good in
academics, but also in activities they do. Since OCC has 60 clubs that you can
join to develop yourself, student government, and also honor societies that you can join. And I took advantage of all of that. I am a secretary of
Student Senate. We represent about 23,000 student voices at Orange Coast College. We also
decide how to spend 1.5 million dollar budget. I think because of that
it’s helped me to get into Berkeley because I have a lot of experience, I
have a story to tell. That’s like very very great support. I would take
advantage of that and I think everyone should take advantage of that. I attended
Honors Night and I received the scholarship continuously three years. Yes
of course the money helped me to afford school supply and so on, but it’s also
something that gave me the motivation to work more.
I probably miss a lot of things from Orange Coast College. I have a lot of
friends from many nations and another thing is their location. So many beaches I
can go and in the spring I can go hiking.

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