Testing NEW OVERDRIVES (2019) in TEST SERVER! – Tanki Online – Ghost Animator TO
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Testing NEW OVERDRIVES (2019) in TEST SERVER! – Tanki Online – Ghost Animator TO

Literally like no-reload hack! This overdrive is so OP!! I think it’s some kind of bug. WOW! 4 kills! Hey guys! We are in the test server now and today I will be testing all the overdrives. I only have like 10 million crytals on this account. It has not been easy for me. It has not been easy for me. You know I started off in Brooklyn. My father gave me a small loan of a million dollar. Small loan of a Million dollar Ok so first i will buy all the M3s let me just fast forward it. **Copyright Free Music** xD Looks like we are good to go now. What is that thing! Why the game is so laggy? 1 fps! You gotta be kidding me. I’m pretty sure something is wrong. I will turn down the graphics so atleast the fps is better. If I’m not wrong then wasp overdrive is that bomb thing Like even the overdrive has explosion icon right now let me just press shift here. Okay… WOW! That was pretty cool. Ok, so wasp drops a bomb which explodes in 3 seconds and it also does self damage. Ok there are 2 people. I will try to drop the bomb near them. Oh! What the heck! I will just drop it here. 2… 1… yeah! got two of them. Gold Box is dropping guys. I don’t see it right now Oh it’s there. let me just nevermind WOW! 4 kills! That was pretty insane. Let me just drop the bomb here. Ok he will die. Got him! Dread it! Run from it! Destiny still arrives I will get this freeze first. Done Now I will get this mammoth. What!? That’s why you should never miss with me! Oh he got fliped! Let me just destroy him. Wait! Wait! That was a pretty close call. I have the overdrive now. I will use it on this guy. It should probably cancel his supplies. wow! that was good. I see, it also freezes them along with that. That’s good for capturing flags. OH! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! He destroyod himself xD Let me just destroy him Now I have the overdrive. Let’s see what it does. Ohh it’s healing me! So I think as long as I’m inside the dome it will heal me. Ok let’s see how much healing it provides. I will take a double damage and shoot this wall. Ok that’s is pretty good. I think this ovedrive is great for defending flags or like when you are camping. but… how long does it stay? That’s an important thing to know Oh it’s gone now. I guess it was around 20 seconds. Ok good I’m inside the dome now Let me just destroy him Wait! Did he just placed?? WAIT HOW? How he is able to use overdrive again and again. Seriously! I think it’s some kind of bug and also it’s making the game lag a lot. These domes are pretty good. Seriously! Can’t you go straight? Dictator overdrive is the normal overdrive with just the new effects. That was pretty good. Better than what I expected. Overdrive is up now. This overdrive is suppose to kill anyone who touches my tank. FBI OPEN UP!!! Got them. If I’m not wrong, it suppose to decrease the speed. But I don’t feel the descrease in speed. Come here! Come here! Ok I will get them I will get them. Got the both of them Let me just destroy him, then the overdrive will be up. Ok the overdrive is, ok it’s up now. Let me get close to them, then I will use the overdrive. Ok! Yes! Got one! I will get him. Ok he is running. He is running. He is running. Why the attack is not doing anything? OMAE MA WA MOU SHINDEIRU!! Ok got him too. Gold Box is dropping. I don’t know maybe it’s on this bridge or it’s on the other one. Let’s see, ok it’s not on this bridge. Let’s see if it’s on the other bridge. Ok, it’s on the other bridge. Let me take overdrive and see what I can do. WOW! WOW! This is insane! This is INSANE! This overdrive is amazing! Let’s see how many shots I can fire before the overdrive runs out. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 14 shots! WOW! I will just destroy that rail so I get the overdrive. Oh shit! NO! WHAT! Lets test the firing rate of hammer. Ok this is great! This is great! Like if there are lot of people at one spot, you can easily kill them. Oh I just killed that flagger who was hiding behind that house. I will stay inside the dome now, cause it’s pretty safe in here. Like you won’t get destroyed. Oh! Oh SHIT! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Hey guys, you see that titan inside the dome. It’s a glitched dome, so he won’t die normally. I will take overdrive as soon as the double damage comes and let’s see if I can kill him FBI! FBI! FBI! FBI! WOW! This overdrive is EPIC! It’s just like no-reload hack! Let’s try it in open area. Ok, wow! wow! That is insane! This overdrive is so OP! Seriously. It’s just amazing. I’m sure this overdrive will be good with twins. WOW! WOW! Such an amazing firing rate. That’s just. Self-Damage It’s literally like no reload hack! I mean Seriously! It’s literally like no reload hack! And anyone who comes infront of you, will get destroyed. Ok let me just hit him. Wait What!? Why he is not getting destroyed? I mean he should have destroyed. Why there is no damage? OHH! I see. It’s already 50 CP. I think the battle glitched and I don’t know what will happen now. It’s not getting over. I will just keep shooting. Even the overdrive is glitched right now. Like I’m still shooting with overdrive. I don’t know. Ok it got hanged Looks like I’ve to leave now. Hey what happened to you dude? Are you alright? Are you alright man?
Are you alright? Guys, that’s LIGMA!!! I wonder what happens if I use Viking’s overdrive on shaft Ok non-stop arcade shots. And I can’t go in scope now. I think it’s good considering it also increases the damage per shot. With Magnum is going to be Mayhem! AHH HAHA AHH! THAT’S HOT! THAT’S HOT! That was Great! Only if there were people in front of me. Ok lets see for striker for striker it’s just increase in firing rate same as shaft I can’t lock on targets, just the single shots What if I lock on the target and then use Overdrive? Ohh WOW WOW! Nothing, nothing, nothing is happening, nothing is happening, it is just single shots Thunder is pretty amazing too Like you can kill so many people I can just imagine like if I’m playing CP. I can get so many kills with it. I think it will be great with firebird. Ok got him, that was quick He is jumping! He is jumping! He is jumping! ohh get destroyed already! Got him Lets get that guy okay OH! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO NO NO by TheFatRat Sorry guys I forgot to record for Hornet and by the time I realized it it was too late. Test Servers were closed Still here’s what hornet overdrive does It gives you and your team mates the ability to see enemy tanks even through buildings If you are close to them then you can even see their health points Plus is disables the enemy’s protection module. So that was it guys! Tell me in the comment section whether you liked the overdrives or you didn’t like them. As for me, I think the overdrives are still a little unbalanced. I liked few overdrives, I liked the concept, I loved the animation but still I think few things needs to be tweaked before they can be implementeted. Tell me in the comment section what is your opinion and what changes you would like to see.


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