Testimonial Safestore – Hyve Managed Hosting

I’m Phil Fryer head of IT at Safestore. Safestore offers self-storage to our personal and business customers from 120 stores throughout the UK. When I joined Safestore over 12 years ago, the internet was quite a small part of our business, we had only maybe 25% of our inquiries came via the web, but nowadays that’s in excess of 80%, so our website is exceedingly important to Safestore. Finding a good quality hosting supplier is exceedingly difficult. To find one that you can get a hold of when you’ve got problems, and to be able to troubleshoot when there are issues. Historically, we had a very small boutique supplier, which we worked with very well, unfortunately they were taken over by one
of the big names and therefore service unfortunately deteriorated. So for us, we were looking for a player that had sufficiently large to have the reliability that we needed for our systems, but one that we could have a really close relationship with, and one that we could communicate with. Migration through to Hyve was so easy it’s unbelievable. They took on a lot more responsibility than a traditional hosting company would, just taking problems out of our hands. The business benefits to Safestore of going with Hyve are that we know that our most valuable source of enquiries is somewhere safe and it’s being looked after. The service levels we receive from Hyve are excellent, we can always get a hold of an engineer, whether that’s through the ticketing system or even on the phone. It just makes troubleshooting very easy and the rare occasions when we do have an issue we’re able to get it resolved as quickly as possible. I’d have no hesitation at recommending Hyve as a partner for any company looking for new hosting.

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