Testimonial PTA Events – Hyve Managed Hosting
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Testimonial PTA Events – Hyve Managed Hosting

I’m David Cooke, Managing Director, CEO of PTA Events PTA Events is an event management, ticketing,
communication, volunteer recruitment platform If you’ve got a problem on a single server, it’s all down. Whether that be your email that’s on there,
your codebase, your database, everything’s gone. And in fact it has an impact on the brand,
when people are saying: why’s your site down? There were just various different things with
the way that was being managed before that we just weren’t happy with. So we did a lot of research both on Google,
through lots of forums that we use. We wanted to find an organisation that would work
with us to help us to grow the company, and there are lots out there, there really are. We found on review sites that Hyve had fantastic reviews,
in fact pretty much all of which are five stars. And the other thing we wanted to do is make sure
that we keep our hosting in the UK, support on our time zone,
to English speaking support teams. Previously the support team was in the States, so when
it was our peak time, it might not be their peak time. So just talking to them was slow, cumbersome,
even just talking to the American market differences in the way things are said,
things come across, we needed to make sure that we had good guys
that we could speak to here, that new about our platform, that actually
took a vested interest in what we were doing, and helped us to grow. The conversation I had with sales just basically said:
this is what we do. Didn’t tell me any lies, didn’t give me any misinformation,
this is how we can do it, this is how we can help you, this is how we can scale, all my questions were about:
how I’m going to take this company forward? The migration was really good, we had a plan
all the way up to the point of migration of how were we going to approach things.
The development and the support team there Hyve knew exactly what we were going to do,
when we were going to do it, and the process which is completely seamless,
and it was just fantastic for me because we didn’t have to worry about moving from
one server to another, DNS changes, everything that just could potentially cause
problems to your sites, and further outage, it was a seamless process
that was managed extremely well So, in the last 14 months that we’ve been with Hyve
we had no downtime. No downtime at all! Before that I would be out whether it’s in the evening
or during the day, and I would get alerts, the platform had gone down… stressful!
Now I’ve got nothing! The last 14 months have been absolutely fantastic. In terms of scaling, we’ve added multiple servers, I’ve got the support team there, they really help us, they’re on the issues, they’re straight onboard, usually within 10 to 15 minutes, probably less
on a high priority or critical ticket. It’s so much quicker. The single server environment
we were on previously it was quick but you do notice an increase in performance, and in fact it’s not just us that noticed, it’s our clients as well, and our clients and their end users. So we now have a platform that’s
running extremely quickly, that’s running in multiserver environment,
that’s stable, that’s secure, and it’s everything that we want it to be to grow. They just made the process so easy, stress free,
it’s just a fantastic platform, their support, everything has been great.
I haven’t had any problems with that it all. This is the whole reason why we created
the PTA Events platform, is that we can continue to offer our service free to
charities, PTAs and non profits. pta-events.co.uk that’s if you are a PTA or if you’re a charity, non profit club or team then
you can sign up at clubs-hub.com

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