Testimonial Medichecks – Hyve Managed Hosting
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Testimonial Medichecks – Hyve Managed Hosting

Hi, my name’s Alistair Hall, I’m the Chief Operating Officer and founder here at Medichecks. Medichecks provide health screening and blood testing to individuals and corporate clients. Medichecks started approximately about 17 years ago. Back in the day, the business was nowhere near as big as what it is today, so the cost of the business, of having the website down for half a day or whatever, it was probably neither here nor there. But if the same situation was to occur now, it would cost us an awful lot of money. It took me a while to get onto a cloud because I was a bit unsure, could you touch it? It’s not a physical server, where is the cloud? But then I started to see the benefits of the technology that was being made available so we migrated to cloud. And I think, as the business then grew, we required, as I say before, more of a managed service. And that hosting provider couldn’t provide it or was unwilling to provide it. I had a look around the internet, I found you guys and basically bent over backwards to help us. But not just to say, yeah here’s your hosting solution, was to advise us on what was the best arrangement and platform to suit the needs of the business, not just now but also to scale it for the future, which is very, very important. We didn’t just want hosting, we wanted managed hosting. So we want somebody to look after all the software updates, look after all the patches, the security, monitor uptime, downtime and basically provide us with that extra resource that as a rapidly growing business, we didn’t have all of that resource in-house. And we’ve got no reason to bring that resource in-house either so, you know, why not buy in the service from Hyve? And we wanted also some of that hands-on advice and interaction with us as a business. Hyve have been extremely helpful in helping us point out issues and resolving them, but I think they’ve been very transparent and proactive, which is very important for a business because there’s nothing worse than being left in the dark if there’s an issue. And when things get mission critical, your server goes down, whether it’s the hosting company’s fault or not, or whether it’s your code, or whether for whatever reason, if somebody’s there to help you then that means an awful lot. And for us, if our website is down for minutes, you know, we’re losing a lot of money. So I think, all in all, the service that we’ve got thus far from Hyve has been excellent. Being a medical company, I think that the information, the data that we hold is very important, it must be very secure. We have peace of mind knowing that the infrastructure and some of the technology that Hyve are using ensures that our servers are protected within the best of the current technology available. So because of the support that Hyve provide, and the troubleshooting, and the guidance and the communication with our development team, uptime is absolutely fantastic. Having Hyve provide for us in a fully managed service, it’s enabled us to release resource in-house to really concentrate on what the development team are meant to be doing, which is bringing in new business and providing an excellent service and experience for our customers. So the initial migration from our previous provider to Hyve, as soon as we got all the data over then the Hyve guys pretty much took over. Reorganised it, got all backup sorted, gave some really fantastic support to our dev team who were actually having to implement some of the migration at that point. And I think, soon as we got the data away from our provider over to Hyve, it was fairly simple. Few DNS changes and that was pretty much it. It was so simple. You’ve got the experience at Hyve as well. They know their own systems, they know their own gear, their hardware, their setup and they deal with organisations both ends of the spectrum. Whether it’s small, whether it’s massive, something like the NHS or whatever, so the quality of the service provided, in terms of connection
speed, uptime, reliability, the service and management has been provided but also the people that we deal with at Hyve. They’re nice people. They genuinely want to help you, they’ve always gone that extra mile. I think it’s a great personal, professional service that’s being provided and I’ve no problem recommending it. They’ve got that breadth of experience and knowledge to really tailor-make a bespoke solution to fit the needs of the business.

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