TELUS does Cloud & Hosted Services
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TELUS does Cloud & Hosted Services

Today, business runs on IT. In fact, research
firm Gartner estimates that by 2015, compensation for top CIOs will be determined by the new
revenue IT generates. But your IT department struggles to prioritize this. They are too
busy monitoring, managing and keeping your IT up and running. It all takes time. Everyday tasks such as purchasing IT, troubleshooting,
making software updates and managing hardware moves, adds and changes take your scarce IT
resources away from focusing on your core business and result in unpredictable, often
unmanageable costs. TELUS Cloud & Hosted Services help you effectively
source and manage your IT infrastructure and applications, as well as address the scarcity
of IT resources. Our portfolio ranges from flexible infrastructure as a service option,
through to fully managed server and storage solutions. Our world-class TELUS Data Centres offer you
the utmost in security, together with backup power for your peace of mind. You can also
rest assured that all your data stays within Canada, allowing business to comply with government
privacy and security regulations. Plus, we monitor and manage your services
24/7 so you have the freedom to get on with your business, while we worry about keeping
the lights on. TELUS does Cloud and Hosted Services. To learn more about TELUS Data Centres and
our Cloud and Hosted Services, or other Business Solutions, contact a TELUS representative

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