Tech Intersections: Womxn of Color in Computing 2019
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Tech Intersections: Womxn of Color in Computing 2019

Today we’re at Tech Intersections at
Mills College in Oakland, California. We have over 400 people attending the
conference. The mission of the conference is — there’s like several missions — there’s levels to this — so one of the levels is really kind of taking back the narrative and
the narrative about you know being the minority in the room and taking back the narrative that there’s no woman of color speakers so there are
tons of women of color speakers we’ve had over 60 of them speak today and not
only were they able to speak on different levels talking about their
careers or how to negotiate or how to raise funds. A lot of speakers did
technical workshops, which is really important. I think in Silicon Valley, if
you do see a woman of color at a tech conference she’s normally talking about
diversity but we have so much more to talk about and we are really good with
our technical projects and skill sets so what better way to talk about it.
What brought me to the conference today is wanting to come to a unique space in
the technical community that had a keen eye and a focus on women of color and
technology. So far from being at Tech Intersections it’s been an amazing
experience. It’s been great to see so many diverse women that I rarely get to
see. It’s been very empowering, they have great questions, and I’m happy and just
excited to be able to learn with everybody. It went amazing! I was really
excited that everybody embraced it and jump right in and we had great energy in
the room. I got awesome feedback. Women had a lot
of fun. I think we had a very very loud room and people really excited and
left it like with their heads high and that’s what the purpose was. And I just
remember that feeling of being in a space where all of these other people
kind of understood a lot of my experiences and I could have these
really frank and honest conversations and really transparent conversations
with people who kind of got me from the get go. There are so many different things
that we’re talking about here. It’s not just technology so even if you don’t
write code right there are things from AI but there’s also career progression
talks and talks about how to deal with the toxic work environment and I think
that the feeling when I left last year and I think I feel the same this year is
that you just feel a lot of great energy, you know and
you want to go back out there and kind of find your tribe out in the world. To us it’s very important to show that we
are here. You know a lot of people talk about where the woman of color in tech,
and I’m like they’re here already. I think the energy has been really
really good. Everyone’s been super friendly. It’s really nice just being
around a bunch of women of color who are free to be like confident and what they
know and also don’t feel like — feel like they have to hold back on their like
actual stories in their actual past so that has been the best part for m. Check
it out to get connected, come get re-excited about tech from other women of
color. Remember why you started. Come here and see that you definitely belong.

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