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  • Tyler Barker

    Alright so heres the advice/avdannce type thing, voice technicitics or technology, lets say your company is a worm of whole of fi "prairie dogs" .. there not fuckin dogs, there moles with allergies, ground worms… i think thats what we have the chupacrabla for
    Alright, do praie dogs care about there kids, is that only thing there care about, so what you do is " some people call it sucking the juice", you say your kids will fucking die, you can put cancer on them, but the chupacobra ispretty good way to go, kind of mind freak them, its so that the prairie dogs start eating themselves, going fuckin nuts…eventually it is that there kid is the cubacobra, and there parent is afraid they start sacrficing there self, or goin haywire. Im ust thinking about how to stradegicallythat are bad, that are truley, liars… you know yo can take there names, bu

    ( i might of been partly laced up by a mongoose ( i litterly had them in backyard) but ive alaways been connected to animals, alot of kids get connected to bikes and call them "mongoosess BMX's and things, my nieghboor had one) in the past,
    so to speak
    I spent alot of my life lookin for the chupacobra, no joke, in the mangroves, any time i knew my parents were going to be out at a movie or the chiefs hut, i would grab my hiawaiin sling, go down to the tree for with my googles ( lived on a colde-sack on the the highest mountian in puerto rico, i could to the beach in 3 minutes, its was all extreme down hill, super speeds), I got underwater flashlight, that helped if i friends stay over, they either stayed at home or the house went with me, or we went out, type stuff ( some people where into catching iguanas or snakes boa constricters,"oh and i met a pack of wild dogs, they where really cool, i used to feed them all kinds of shit, (started with stealing my sisters lets overs from the friderator, then bringing it down to them, then i found out they fish, they basically ate everything, that iw ould put in a bowel type shape i even got them to eat out of a cocunut, thats hard to do for a wild pack of animals in the past, By the way, they looked like the happies fucken animals you ever saw, imagine in stead of natures sarah mcglcalin commerical where you see dogs starving, or a wild pack (those dogs never came within 6ft or 9thousand eet of me, they where alaways alawasy far away in the sunlight, but they woul ever know and then look over, by formation after eating and say "that was awesome" ["salty dog influencecapitol grillTGBtheway imean it" of wolves running huntin and eating, a bunch of pack cool lookin dogs, running free playing swimming, be on there own, they looked like golden retirievers, bowns ,hounds, cheetas, a cas and gos, they all looked cool, they all had hair, fur all types, the played in salt water all day, and drank numerous sources of fresh water, it was likea open spring of cool dogs but that chupcobra(him or her) was never we saw him a couple of times, looked like a rear view mirrior or "agency shadow" type. (lots of big fish come in at night TGB the way i mean it. )
    so to speak i was 9- to 12
    14 years olds around those times… been there since a couple of times, got some stuff going on TGB the way i mean it

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