Te Mahurehure Marae hosting Anzac Service for urban Māori
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Te Mahurehure Marae hosting Anzac Service for urban Māori

Young and old gathered today at Auckland’s urban marae,
Te Mahurehure. The marae has been hosting Anzac
services for almost half a century. Te Rina Kowhai went out
to see how important Anzac Day was for the young urban Maori. Portraits of loved ones and
commemorated by descendants. This is a day
to remember our ancestors, if it weren’t for them we would not
be here so we must commemorate them. 200 gathered for the commemoration
service at Te Mahurehure Marae with youth participating and
highlighting the important occasion. As I see it, the most important thing
about this day is making the youth understand how they are related to those who
were lost at war fighting for them. That’s what’s important to me. For some, it’s a day to establish relationships
with extended families. There are many young people
here at Te Mahurehure Marae. This morning, I attended services
at the Auckland War Memorial, and there were many
youths there too. They were out in numbers
all over Auckland, all over the country
and all over the world with their families
commemorating this day. Since 1970, the urban marae
has hosted services on Anzac Day, and Tamariki Makaurau MP
Peeni Henare, who is in his eighth year
of attending the services here says we still
need to encourage our youth. I’ve seen many young people take part in the organisation
of today’s commemorations, the problem is that there
needs to be more to honour our ancestors’
deeds adequately. With young and old working together, no doubt commemoration services
will go on. Te Rina Kowhai, Te Karere.

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