Take Control of YOUR MONEY | 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Finances
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Take Control of YOUR MONEY | 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Finances


  • Belinda Tucker

    Thank you, Daniel! I love to screen shot some of your content so I have the information in really simple images that help me remember different things I want to look into later/research further. Love your channel so much!

  • Regular Black Girl

    My dream line of building generational wealth is one of the main ways I stay motivated when roadblocks come my way.

    Great video as always

  • teaparty rightwinger

    Thumbs down simply because there's way too many commercial interruptions! Very annoying when I have to keep grabbing my phone and pressing skip.

  • chris weeks

    you're so inspirational honestly watching your video is just the quickest way to understand different principles and think about things in a different way! thank you!

  • Daryenne Wickliffe

    Hello! I want to thank you for your videos! I think your channel is great and I have learned a lot from your videos. I have two questions for you, and I apologize because they aren't directly related to this video. I couldn't remember the video that the first one applies to.
    1. You said that you take no longer than 5-10(not sure if that's correct) minutes to vet whether there's demand for a video. How do you determine this? I'd like to do the same with a future channel and this would be really helpful for me to do. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    2. What video animation program/software to use? Again, I'd like to develop a channel in the future and have been looking into Powtoon but am not sure what else is out there.

    Thank you so much for your help!

  • Happy Hobbit

    It's tax deferral NOT tax savings when it comes to retirement schemes AND it assumes you will be POOR when you take this retirement money out!!!!!!

  • ScopedDawg

    This channel is good and valuable, but for me to encounter 4 mid video ads in a video shorter than 20min….I mean, that's NFL level bad. It makes me far prefer other channels with similar value and no mid video ads. Constructive criticism. I know you need and want the money, but for myself personally, an ad every 3 minutes is inconveniencing, annoying, and disrupts the flow of my thoughts while I am trying to absorb valuable knowledge. If my professor is paused constantly to show me an ad, I would definitely learn a lot less in a class, retain less information, and be far more distracted. The same principle is applying here. Again just some constructive criticism

  • Saurav Gupta

    Daniel (forgive me if I spelled that wrong)…I am a long time viewer…Should we budget in a forecasting manner or learn from the previous budget(s) to mend our ways?

  • Brad Lamantia

    Thank you so much for producing these videos! You help inspire my wife and I to think differently and learn more! Please keep it up!!

  • Lisa C

    I really enjoy this channel! Entertaining and easy to understand. My last 18 months have been telling. At the beginning of it, 401K gone, bankruptcy, incredibly unreliable car, but a good job. Now, rebuilding my 401K at 21% monthly contribution, renting a room from my son (thank goodness we get along) and saving to buy a SMALL town home for 20% down in 18 months. I am 6 months into my 5-year car loan, it's 3/4 paid off. Money market savings. Just really decided what had to happen to make the rest of my life what I wanted it to be. These videos really help me! Thanks! And the drawings are wonderful!

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