• IIS Web Server Monitoring Best Practices
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    IIS Web Server Monitoring Best Practices

    Are you fed up with seeing errors like these while accessing your website? These errors indicate that your IIS™ web server may not perform properly. Your IIS web server is a critical component of your IT infrastructure. Services such as SharePoint®, Outlook® and your web presence are dependent on its availability. If it takes forever to access the application or perform required tasks, users may get angry, leave your site or call the Help Desk. Here are some best practices you should follow to help ensure that these problems don’t occur in your environment. Application pools (or app pools) provide a convenient way to manage a set of websites, applications…

  • Setting up a custom domain for your NodeBB forum
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    Setting up a custom domain for your NodeBB forum

    By default, all NodeBB forums which use our hosting services are provided with a subdomain ending in “nodebb.com.” However, you may wish to access your forum via your own custom URL. In this example, we’ll set up a subdomain beginning with “forum”, but you can also set up NodeBB to serve as your main website using “www” if you wish. To begin, go to your forum’s administrative dashboard by clicking on the gear icon, and select Plugins>SaaS. From this page, click on the text reading “update your domain’s DNS records” to reveal the IP address for your forum. Highlight and copy this number. URLs are provisioned by domain registrars. In…

  • Cloud Computing Advantages/Benefits, Speed to Market
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    Cloud Computing Advantages/Benefits, Speed to Market

    Hello, I’m Rachael Ruble with FiberLine Communications. Thank you for joining us for the latest in our series on the advantages of cloud computing. This week we will discuss the cloud computing advantage of, speed to market! If your business is using cloud computing you will enjoy a degree of flexibility that would not be possible with your own IT infrastructure. With cloud computing your IT related projects can turn, stop, or start on a dime. Whereas, with an IT infrastructure that is owned and managed by your company, it’s more like attempting to steer the titanic around an iceberg. For example, if a startup company utilizes cloud computing, it…

  • Safe Computing When Traveling from the University of Michigan
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    Safe Computing When Traveling from the University of Michigan

    Planning a big trip or a small excursion? If you’ll be taking your laptop, phone, or other mobile device along, get ready to protect your personal privacy and the UM data you work with while you’re away. Before you travel, take only the devices, files and applications you need. Check with your department’s IT staff to see if you can borrow a loaner laptop or other devices. Set basic security settings. Use a passcode and auto lock. Turn on the “find my phone” or device tracking feature. Install the UM VPN or the UMHS VPN. Keep anti-virus software up-to-date. There are instructions on safecomputing.UMich.edu While you are traveling, know that…

  • DNSSocial : DNSSEC Signing With .my Domain Registry (MYNIC)
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    DNSSocial : DNSSEC Signing With .my Domain Registry (MYNIC)

    Welcome to DNSSocial, this video show you how to Assign Domain with DNSSEC and Enable DNSSEC From MYNIC Go to DNSSocial Domain control panel Select your domain Goto “DNSSEC” tab Click “Sign This Domain With DNSSEC” button Now your domain successfully signed with DNSSEC Login to MYNIC domain control panel Enter your domain contact key Goto “Domain Name” tab Select DNSSEC and Select Enable/Disable DNSSEC Search your domain Select Enable DNSSEC Status Click Check “DNSSEC T&C” Click “Submit” Click “Confirm” to accept enable DNSSEC into your domain Goto “Domain Name” tab Select “DNSSEC” and Select “Update Key” Search your domain Select your domain and Click “View Details” Now your domain…

  • Domain Traffic
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    Domain Traffic

    Did you know 20% of your customers mistype your domain URL and end up on parked pages getting exposed to your competitor’s ads every day? When a user is looking to book a hotel, for example, he clearly has a strong intention and still, mistakes happen and the user can mistype the domain he’s looking for. If you were a competing booking site, you would now have a unique opportunity to use this miss type to your advantage. A user mistypes a domain URL. Intango, either redirects the user to a page with your brand’s text and banners or directly to your website. They are non-disruptive and not affected by…

  • HOW TO ADD A DOMAIN TO WIX WEBSITES: Connect A Wix Website To Your Own Domain
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    HOW TO ADD A DOMAIN TO WIX WEBSITES: Connect A Wix Website To Your Own Domain

    Hey guys. Marina here from Yes To Tech. Welcome to Tech Tuesday where I remove the tech stress that comes along with running a successful online business. Today we’re going to talk about how to add a domain to your Wix website. As I talked about in my last video on Wix pricing and its various premium plans, you can find the link to it in the description box below and in the cards above, the main advantage of upgrading to a Connect Domain plan or higher is that, as the name says, you’re able to connect a custom domain to your website. The advantage of connecting a custom domain…

  • Research Computing | LSS Mounting
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    Research Computing | LSS Mounting

    Hello, and welcome. In this video, we will examine how to Mount the LSS systems from the following system types: Mac OS X, Windows, Research IT and/or Biology IT Linux Servers, Condo Research Cluster, and Linux GUI Desktop (Gnome) The following examples will use the values: jones, as your P.I.’s Net-ID, and you, as your ISU Net-ID. This means you will need to substitute your PI’s Net-ID for jones and your NetID for you. The naming convention for all LSS research folders is based on the Net-ID of your PI and has the format netid-lab. Thus, our example LSS folder is called jones-lab. Mounting from Mac OS X. From the…

  • Four Tips for Picking the Perfect Domain Name
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    Four Tips for Picking the Perfect Domain Name

    Your domain name is more than just a way for customers to find you online, it’s an extension of your brand and can affect the success of your business. So here are 4 tips to help you pick the perfect domain name for your business. Be descriptive. Aside from your company’s name, descriptive words about what you do or where you’re located can make your site easier to discover for both customers and search engines. Keep it memorable. You don’t want your domain name to get too long, but it’s more important to make it memorable. Something like JacksPizzaBoston is on the longer side, but it makes perfect sense if…

  • renew freenom domain  2018
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    renew freenom domain 2018

    hello YouTube Watchers today I will show you how to renew your Freenom free domain so let’s start go to Freenom.com log into your Freenom account go to services scroll down and click on renew domains click on to renew this domain button of the domain you want to renew select the period it is best to select 12 months click on order now they will thank you for your order and tell you to check your email for a confirmation email goodbye YouTube Watchers don’t forget to subscribe and activate the non plication belt to receive my new videos