• Jake Tapper Can’t Believe Rep. Steve King’s “Crazy Remarks” on Rape and Incest
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    Jake Tapper Can’t Believe Rep. Steve King’s “Crazy Remarks” on Rape and Incest

    -You have the coolest microphone thing. It looks like a tie clasp. -Yeah, isn’t that really — That’s top-level. -I was thinking like — That looks pretty sharp. -What do you guys wear? Is that what you do at CNN? -Yeah, just this. -It’s like that? -Yours looks cool, like it’s intended. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Well, you have your own show, too. You’ve got to get one of these. -I don’t have as much pull, I don’t think. -Yeah. Well, the problem is, you have a show on a network that has too many hosts. So they’d be like, “You get one, then Cuomo’s going to want one, Anderson’s going to…

  • Live Taping of “The Axe Files” with Jon Stewart, hosted by David Axelrod
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    Live Taping of “The Axe Files” with Jon Stewart, hosted by David Axelrod

    [BEEPING] Hello. Welcome to this live recording of “The Axe Files” with Jon Stewart. I have the privilege of introducing this event to you today, a task which necessarily entails introducing you to someone you already know. You know Jon Stuart. You know that as a political satirist and comedian Stewart has affected macro level shifts in our political culture. One example being the explosion of satirical programming from Daily Show alumni. You know that Jon Stewart’s precision and focus produce more discreet changes like getting “Crossfire” off the air and passing the Zadroga bill. You also know, I’m sure, of some really, really microscopic permutations in our shared world…

  • Website Backup Using cPanel | GoDaddy
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    Website Backup Using cPanel | GoDaddy

    Hi there! In this video, you learn how to create a backup of your website using the hosting platform, cPanel. You’ve got a great looking website that you’ve put a ton of time and energy into; don’t risk losing it. If you have a website, it’s imperative you regularly back up your site – that means saving a copy of all your website’s files in a secondary location. When using the cPanel platform with GoDaddy hosting, you can back up your website manually, through the cPanel dashboard or automatically by purchasing Site Backups from GoDaddy. In this video, we’ll show you how to manually back up your website using the…

  • How To Add HTTPS SSL Certificate To WordPress Website
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    How To Add HTTPS SSL Certificate To WordPress Website

    Welcome back to another video I’m Adam WPCrafter.com were a make videos for non-techies like me maybe like you in this video I limit tell you how to add a SSL certificate to your WordPress website and what an SSL certificate is that sense for secure socket layer and it basically encrypts whatever communication happens between your website visitor and your website and it’s commonly required if you’re going to receive and or take any kind of payments for anything you sell directly on your website you need one of these SSL certificates and you’re in need be running your website in a secure fashion as well as there is…

  • WordPress Hosting from HostPapa
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    WordPress Hosting from HostPapa

    So you have an idea for a website and now you’re looking for an easy way to create it. A quick Google search and a bit of poking around and yup, you decide it’s going to be WordPress. Why not right? It’s easy, flexible, and has tons of plugins. In fact, using WordPress is about as easy as tying your shoelaces. So WordPress it is. This is what you’ll use to BUILD your website, but you also need an easy way to get your site LIVE on the internet. The solution is simple: WordPress Web Hosting from HostPapa. Whether you’re a blogger, photographer, dreamer, online retailer or even Neo from…

  • How to Pick the Right Website Host
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    How to Pick the Right Website Host

    Website hosting, that’s when you rent space on a server so the world can see your website. Just like you’d rent gallery space to show off a work of art. But how do you pick the right website host? Well, you need to consider storage security and support. Unless you’re running something like a high-volume eCommerce site, a basic plan will be all you need, so don’t get overwhelmed with all the options. With these plans you’ll be sharing server space with other websites, making them the most affordable option. Hosting providers like WordPress.com don’t limit the amount of traffic your site can receive. So it’s more important to choose…

  • 10Web Review & Tutorial – WordPress Site Management & Host  | AppSumo
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    10Web Review & Tutorial – WordPress Site Management & Host | AppSumo

    What’s up LTD addicts? There’s a new lifetime deal for 10Web running at AppSumo. In this video I’m gonna break down 10Web. No I think this is actually one of the most confusing deals to hit AppSumo in quite some time. It’s part WordPress management and part WordPress hosting. Who is it right for? What does it do? I’m gonna break it all down inside of this video. Stay tuned. Hi I’m Dave from thatLTD.life where I review software tools with lifetime offers. If you’re new around here, make sure you click the subscribe button and click the notification bell to get notified when new reviews are posted. Alright here…

  • Which Hosting Company Should I Use To Host My Website?
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    Which Hosting Company Should I Use To Host My Website?

    Hi there, I’m Daniel Mancini of Internet Marketing Tutorials and the topic of today’s video is going to be ‘What hosting should you buy to host your web business?’ So obviously with hosting, there are hundreds of different good quality hosting services out there, but to keep this answer short and simple. If you’re just getting started online, and if you just have one or a handful of small to medium-sized websites, there are two companies who I always recommend. The first company is Host Gator and I’ll include a link beneath this video and also Host Monster. So that’s Host Gator or Host Monster both have very good user…

  • Hướng dẫn tạo trang web với 3 bước tại Hostinger
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    Hướng dẫn tạo trang web với 3 bước tại Hostinger

    java home name is a yo foo young man come over time web no yang Wenli bromine frequent in your senior a delicate and web with a little man web may degrade oh yeah no up oh no let me go back up and when they didn’t let my man in my community about it you might but second one young man not a wealthy tonight tell young man can i order with her oh yeah without a weapon in every day my hair my manner auto game in a whip with you tonight we know a day and you’re all right we’re gonna open my eyes to pick one…