• Social Eyes Website Development Services
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    Social Eyes Website Development Services

    No calls and no business? You need someone who can listen and address your frustrations properly. The current website you have may be working against you, you just don’t know it. at socialize marketing you receive a full team of marketing experts that will take your business to the next level. Our development team will create a stable and hand-tailored website unique to your business and its customers. Get you leads and get you phone calls. It will load in no time and be mobile friendly so that it looks great on all devices. We have over a decade of experience under our belt and it shows. Give us a…

  • How To Create A Website Step By Step Tutorial
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    How To Create A Website Step By Step Tutorial

    hey what’s going on mrs. Andre from Andre L von dot-com Han this video we’re gonna discuss how to create a website step by step tutorial we’re actually gonna go through how to create a website so I’m gonna go is step by step as I can some little small areas I’m gonna I’m gonna skip but all the important meet is right here in this video so also in this video you may hear you may hear some background stuff like the fan being on cuz I’m in a little small congested room where my kids toys and all of that good stuff is that hopefully they don’t come…

  • Gappsy – WordPress Feature Overview [SUBTITLES]
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    Gappsy – WordPress Feature Overview [SUBTITLES]

    Today, we are going to check out the “WordPress v2” feature It allows you to retrieve Posts and Pages from your wordpress First, you have to set it up Enter your WordPress URL Set a Title & Subtitle, if you want to “Group all queries into a single list” is a display setting By default, all the queries content (Posts & Pages) are displayed in one list However, you can untick this setting to display the queries into “categories” We are going to uncheck this setting later Then you can set the sorting order Finally, insert a cover, and choose to display it, or not I’m going to use a…

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    how’s it going YouTube Crypto NWO here back at it again with another Dark Web Mystery Unboxing. Here’s the mystery box over here. These are the sides of the boxes, the top of the box. I haven’t seen this in quite a long time.. but we have red tape on the package and now the package is really short my label (is) right over here, I’m just gonna go ahead and cut off the label. Last time I had to blur it because I was so easily noticeable and people were really close to getting my address. I literally just use a Swiss Army to peel off the label directly…

  • NHLBI Small Biz Hangouts: Conquering the (Regulatory) Basics | Navigating the FDA Website
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    NHLBI Small Biz Hangouts: Conquering the (Regulatory) Basics | Navigating the FDA Website

    Good afternoon, and welcome to the first in a series of NHLBI small business hangouts. My name is Eric Padmore, and I will be the moderator for this afternoon’s presentation. The NHLBI Office of Translational Alliances and Coordination has developed this series to help educate our small business applicants and awardees on topics that will be helpful to their business and research enterprises. Today’s presentation will focus on FDA regulatory information. If you are watching through a Google+ Hangout account, you can submit questions throughout the presentation by commenting on the Hangout event page. If you are watching on YouTube, you can submit questions via Twitter using the hashtag #sbirchat,…

  • Six Of The Very Best – Must Have! – Free WordPress Plugins
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    Six Of The Very Best – Must Have! – Free WordPress Plugins

    Hi, this is Topher with WinningWP. In this video we’re going to take a look at six of the very best free WordPress plugins and the first one we’re going to take a look at is Jetpack. Now Jetpack is what’s known as a metaplugin and actually has many different small plugins built into it and it can manage things like Traffic and SEO. It takes care of Security and Backup Services. It helps with Content Creation, Discussion, and Community. It’s also excellently supported because it is owned by Automattic and supported by the WordPress.com staff. Now there are some paid services built into Jetpack, but you can get wonderful…

  • Create a Poll or Survey on your WordPress website
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    Create a Poll or Survey on your WordPress website

    Hey y’all, it’s another WordPress Wednesday here in San Antonio, Texas and I am bringing to you today the idea of how to put in a poll or maybe a survey or a voting widget inside of your WordPess website. Today is the day after we’ve elected our presidential candidate for the next four years and I thought, it’s only appropriate that we do something like this. So, how would you run your own survey or your own poll inside of your WordPress website? Most of you know, that follow our channel here every Wednesday I’m creating some sort of a tutorial video for you and I’m a super huge…

  • Turn your Vue Web App into a PWA
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    Turn your Vue Web App into a PWA

    Turn your Vue web application into a progressive web app. Many say that Progressive Web Apps will be the new standard in the world of mobile apps. And in my opinion, they’re probably right. With tech giants like Google behind it, Progressive Web Applications became a fantastic technology that will soon make native mobile applications obsolete, or not? PWAs using certain technologies to create apps that take the advantages of both native and web applications. It’s a combination of mobile and web apps. You no longer have to develop additional native apps for iOS or Android. If you already have a mobile website, you can quickly turn it into a…

  • STAGS | Web Series | Finale – Toh Rishta Pakka | The Timeliners
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    STAGS | Web Series | Finale – Toh Rishta Pakka | The Timeliners

    So much, Vicky, so much! So many. That’s what I meant. You have so many expenses. Expenses. Yeah, that’s what I said. Expenses on dancing, on girls, plus your fondness for expensive liquor. Vicky, bro, how the hell will you manage? Tell me how will you? I’ll do it, man. I have savings. What about the 10 lakhs we just paid to Mister Pyaare? You know what? I got bored of the job. Hence, I left it. And there’s no point doing a job that’s so shitty. So, I’m going to have my own start-up. A start-up that only focuses on millionaires. Big! Amazing! Crazy! Yeah? Bro, Vicky, I don’t.…