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    How to Make a Website With Wix – Step by Step Guide For Beginners [2019]

    In this video we will be making a website that looks just like this using the Wix website builder. I’ll guide you through every single step of the way showing you how to connect a custom domain to your website, how to design everything from scratch and how to remove those pesky Wix ads that come with a free version. So, without any further ado let’s build ourselves a website shall we? To get started you can click the link in the description down below this will get you to the Wix website and apply any coupons or discounts if they’re currently available. Next, we’ll need to click on the…

  • WIX Tutorial For Beginners – Full Wix Tutorial
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    WIX Tutorial For Beginners – Full Wix Tutorial

    Hey guys, it’s Greg and today I’m bringing you a pretty long video. This is going to be a very comprehensive beginners tutorial on how to use Wix to build your website. I’ve been looking through the other YouTube videos on this and I haven’t found one that’s slow enough pace, step-by-step, detail-oriented. So I wanted to bring you one myself. So without further ado, let’s hop into the computer. So first things first I put a link right in the description right up at the top that I’ll bring you to making a free site on Wix. That way you’re not accidentally signing up for a paid plan. This…