• Microsoft high-performance computing with Azure
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    Microsoft high-performance computing with Azure

    It’s impossible to look away every sense is captivated pulled into the dance of color unfolding before you. This is the unique immersive experience that customers see when they enter a Microsoft retail store. Over 80 of our welcome customers like this with a huge array of video walls the content displayed on these screens is constantly being updated to highlight new products and campaigns. But updating the content this frequently comes with a lot of challenges. The layout of screens is unique to each store and filling them requires imagery tens of thousands of pixels wide or tall. A ton of computing power is required to work with this…

  • Cognitive computing | What can it be used for?
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    Cognitive computing | What can it be used for?

    Hidden among the 2.5 billion gigabytes of data generated each day are increasingly complex patterns to interpret. Smarter decisions to be made; and innovative new discoveries to unlock. We need systems to behave and interact with us more intelligently to record this data in all it’s forms. From pictures and videos posted on social media to real-time sensory information collected by satellites in space. Cognitive computing means enabling machines to interact with humans in a more natural way. Learn at scale and reason with purpose Cognitive technology is key to drawing rational business conclusions from the right data, so you can implement solutions with confidence. You might trust social media…

  • iPage Review – Should You Go With iPage Hosting? | Host In 15
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    iPage Review – Should You Go With iPage Hosting? | Host In 15

    iPage has been in the web hosting business for more than a decade now. Why? Well, for one thing, their services have been satisfying millions of customers around the globe. Take a look at the other reasons why iPage has been an admired leader in the industry for years one the most enjoyed benefit of iPage comes with its unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email for its customers. This type of flexibility, scalability and limitless possibilities provide customers a strong hand in creating and managing their websites. two with iPage, customers can enjoy a free fully loaded security feature worthone hundred dollars through its sidewalks security suite . As in…

  • How Can We Include Students with Disabilities in Computing Courses? (Audio Described)
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    How Can We Include Students with Disabilities in Computing Courses? (Audio Described)

    [ music ] [ music and title narration ] (Narrator) We take our smartphones, computers and gadgets for granted. But behind all this technology is a skilled workforce of software developers, systems administrators, Web developers and programmers. There’s an increasing demand for individuals who have technical skills. An understanding of computing is important for these opportunities. We often talk about broadening the participation of females as well as racial and ethnic minorities in computing courses, but what about including people with disabilities? (Richard Ladner) Worldwide there’s one billion people, about 15% of the international population have a disability, according to the World Health Organization. So, if you like, that’s a…

  • Relio R2 Synchronous Serial Server
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    Relio R2 Synchronous Serial Server

    Do you have a synchronous serial application and also need a powerful, compact, COTS computer? You need a computer with a long life cycle one that is available for several years instead of a few months You want a compact computer, with flexible mounting options that can be installed in small spaces You may also have a requirement for compliance to Military shock and vibration specifications Introducing the Relio R2 Synchronous Serial server from Sealevel The R2 Sync Server includes four synchronous serial ports using the popular Zilog 85230 Enhanced Serial Communication Controller The serial ports are each brought out on DB-25 male connectors with each port individually configurable for…

  • Buy Hosting & Domain Name with godaddy
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    Buy Hosting & Domain Name with godaddy

    Go to Google and write in, 12 dollar posting GoDaddy. Click on the first link that says, website hosting. You’re gonna wanna buy the economy $1 a month, Select that. You’re gonna get a free domain name with this. Now this is only for first time buyers. I don’t think this is for people who already have an account with GoDaddy, bought things in the past. Congratulations, it’s available, Add & Continue. All right, so I have Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel with $12.00 for $1.00 a month for $12.00 and your .com is free. Total is $12.18.

  • WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Chris Romero
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    WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Chris Romero

    Hi, my name is Chris Romero and I just wanted to give a big shout-out to WPX Hosting. They are incredible. I recently moved over to them from Bluehost and the migration was seamless. Everything was fantastic, site speed has increased tremendously with no other further development. It’s been pretty impressive to see the team at WPX work with my weird architectures that I had on my Bluehost server and bring it over and really take care of everything for me. It’s incredible. The amount of speed and efficiency that they have and how quick and responsive their team is, especially the technical issues, which I had plenty of, is…

  • Every finite Integral Domain is a field Proof |Maths |Mad Teacher
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    Every finite Integral Domain is a field Proof |Maths |Mad Teacher

    Hello everybody in this video we are going to prove that every finite integral domain is a field So if you’re interested in that then just keep watching the video Yeah, please subscribe it won’t hurt So, to start the proof we suppose a random finite integral domain and use its features to prove that it is a field But before that let’s revisit the definition of integral domain real quick So integral domain is basically a commutative ring with identity 1 is not equal to 0 and containing no zero divisors Here 1 is not equal to 0 means that multiplicative identity, that is 1 is different from additive…

  • Hosting History
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    Hosting History

    *Music* D-Day’s success involved mixing several different cultures to accomplish the mission. 72 years later, the French continue to celebrate those relationships…around the dinner table. “Umm, it’s, I mean, it’s opened my eyes a lot. To like, all the French languages, the German languages, to see how other cultures act and interact with each other and to see how friendly we all can actually be with each other and everything like that. Like, just coming here is one thing; but when you meet and intereact with the families that do live here and had families from here, it makes it a whole lot different.” “The soldiers are far from their…