• JESS3 x Salesforce : The State of Cloud Computing
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    JESS3 x Salesforce : The State of Cloud Computing

    Ah, the virtual world. Sure has changed the way we do things dramatically. The Internet has given us, well, freedom. It’s now easier than ever to stay in touch with friends the world over. With new ways of storing and organizing data, our stuff is always within arms reach. Aspiring filmmakers and pet owners alike have the ability to share their creativity and entertain us all. We can educate ourselves, and each other, about almost anything, from almost anywhere. J.C.R. Licklider dreamed up the idea of an intergalactic computer network almost 50 years ago, but it wasn’t until the rise of the Internet that such a thing was really able…

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    #WhatTheTech 20 – Hyve’s Technology News of the Week with Sam Cooper

    Welcome to WhatTheTech, Hyve’s look at handpicked technology news stories from the week. In the news this week: Wikipedia has been offline for several hours after suffering a large-scale DDoS attack that took down the site across parts of Europe and the Middle East. The site is back up now with the company stating that these attacks threaten everyones fundamental rights to freely access and share information. In a week that has seen a lot of talk about the Joker and Pennywise the clown, you could imagine a lot of people’s phobias have been triggered. And Apple want in on the phobia-action too with the reveal of their new iPhone…