• How to Get Traffic To Your Website Fast in 2019
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    How to Get Traffic To Your Website Fast in 2019

    in this video I’m going to show you how to get free ongoing targeted traffic to your website for example on just one of my sites I’ve generated over three hundred and forty-seven thousand page views using this method and over one hundred and twenty three thousand page views on another one of my sites and on a brand new website that I only started three months ago I have already got ten thousand two hundred and nineteen page views this brand-new baby site already gets as many as three hundred and seventy five page views a day so today I’m going to show you my sniper method which gets…

  • How To Build A Clickbank Website – Ready Made Clickbank Websites
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    How To Build A Clickbank Website – Ready Made Clickbank Websites

    everybody knows that clickbank.com is the world’s largest digital input product store listing more than 10,000 products for sale clickbank.com pays large amounts of money to its affiliates every month because each Clickbank product offers up to 75% commission and if you manage to sell 30 to 40 products a day you can earn one and a half thousand dollars a day unfortunately clickbank.com provides only limited number of tools and platform to their affiliates and obviously you need a platform that will help you promote products of your interest much faster this is why CB pro as comm has made making tons of cash with Clickbank calm really easy…

  • The Adirondack Coast Website Has A New Look!
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    The Adirondack Coast Website Has A New Look!

    Hey guys, it’s Kristy Kennedy, Director of Tourism for the Adirondack Coast. In a little bit of a different setting today. This is where I hang out when I’m not exploring the Adirondack Coast and telling you about all the wonderful things there are to do. But I have some really exciting news for you today that I want to share. goadirondack, the official website of the Adirondack Coast has gotten a face-lift so I really hope you guys check it out. You can find out all the exciting things that are to do, how to get there, their website, and interact with them. You can also figure out where…

  • WordPress Tutorial: How to Add a Contact Form to Your Website
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    WordPress Tutorial: How to Add a Contact Form to Your Website

    Hi and welcome to WordPress.com. This video will show you how to add a contact form to your website or blog. Begin by logging in and clicking on My Sites. If you don’t already have one, create a page where your contact form will go. Hover over the toolbar until you get to the plus sign, and click on the drop-down arrow to the right. Click on it to build your contact form. Your default contact form has four fields: Name, Email, Website and Comment. If you want to edit any of these, click on the pencil. You can change the field label and field type, and make it required.…

  • How to Make a Website – Free & Under  7 minutes
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    How to Make a Website – Free & Under 7 minutes

    Hello. My name is Mike and in this video I’m going to teach you how to create a website that will be free forever and no technical skills needed. Once you have your website you’ll be able to optimize it yourself so that you can appear higher in search results for Google and other search engines. To make our website today we’re going to use the Webnode 2.0 online website maker because it is easy-to-use, there is no software download or installation required and you’ll be able to edit whenever you’d like. Also, you’ll be able to create a professional and stylish website. Click on the button in this video…

  • Transit App Center – Connections – June/July 2010 – Chicago Transit Authority
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    Transit App Center – Connections – June/July 2010 – Chicago Transit Authority

    If you haven’t been to the CTA web site recently – check it out. There is a new App Center page where you can find the latest web applications to fit your individual transit needs. Got a smart phone? Here’s a smart way to make the most of it. Download the latest transit mobile applications posted on the CTA web site “What we’ve started doing is to acknowledge the hard work of individual developers and help our customers find some of the nifty apps that are out there and post the Transit App Center on transitchicago.com.” The CTA shares schedules, bus tracker information and other data with software developers interested…

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    How to Make A WordPress Website With Elementor

    – [Instructor] Hi guys, this is Yuri for Elementor, and today I want to show you how to design a complete website with Elementor. In this quick course, I’ll guide you step by step from scratch to a complete beautiful website. In this tutorial, I’m using the base theme by SitePoint. This is the starter theme, but with Elementor you can create any website that you want. So first, let’s take a look what you’re going to design. We have the Home page. Services page. Portfolio page. About page. Contact page. And there is a bonus, Landing page. Let’s start it by moving to the WordPress Dashboard. Pages, a New…

  • How To Set Up an Online Store
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    How To Set Up an Online Store

    If you’ve upgraded to the Business plan, you can now add a store to your site. Let’s go ahead and click on the store button over on the left hand side of the dashboard Now we’re going to hit ‘Create a Store’. It’s going to ask you what kind of store you’re going to be creating. Select one and then press ‘Next’. Now you will be prompted to fill out additional information about your store Once you are done, click the ‘Create Your Store’ button below. It’s going to bring your to a store that is filled with example products. In order to start placing your own products onto the…

  • WordPress Dashboard Customization Tutorial
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    WordPress Dashboard Customization Tutorial

    Hello and welcome to this video, which will give you a quick tour of the WordPress dashboard Which is where you will find all the tools you need to create an amazing website So if you’re a beginner or you have some experience with WordPress you’ll find this video really helpful Let’s get straight into it and head over to our wordpress dashboard To get to your dashboard is easy. Just type in /wp-admin at the end of your website address Now just log in using your username and password, and this is your dashboard This is how most screens will look when editing your website You will have a…

  • How to add feedwind widget into website like wordpress and weebly
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    How to add feedwind widget into website like wordpress and weebly

    Hey! hi everyone in this video we will show you How you can add feedwind widget into a wordpress and weebly website So let’s begin Sign in to your feedwind account than select the widget you want to create i will select RSS give it a name change the settings the way you want I will select Card i dont need title Looks good save and get code copy the snippet So this is my wordpress site i will add my widget in my sidebar, over here just above the recent posts So i will login to my dashboard go to appearance – widgets add you can drag custom html…