• How to build your filmmakers website
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    How to build your filmmakers website

    For filmmakers that are looking for clients and paid jobs there are usually two ways that work. The first one is through referral which you can’t really influence and the second one is through your website. We generate about 50% of our revenue through our website and that’s why it’s important for us to have a great website and today I will show you how to create a website by using WIX.com First go to wix.com, WIX.COM and then click on sign in then register your account. Once you are locked in click on create new site then choose your category. You can then have the software create your site…

  • How To Create Borders By Using HTML Code On Your Website Or Blogger
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    How To Create Borders By Using HTML Code On Your Website Or Blogger

    Today let’s learn how to create borders by using a tag in a HTML coding. It is very easy and simple. So guys, let’s learn it with a great interest. Hello friends, if you are new to my channel please consider subscribing. Open a notepad and type any text between the opening and closing of the tag. This stands for the opening of tag and this stands for the closing of the tag. Now let’s save this notepad. You can type here any file name you want but make sure to add .HTML at the end of your file name. I’m saving this file to Documents Folder. Now open the…

  • Migrate WordPress Sites to 20i
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    Migrate WordPress Sites to 20i

    Thanks to the in-house team here at 20i you can migrate WordPress sites automatically via FTP using our Migration Centre. Our Migration Centre will copy over both the site files and the database the site uses, all at the click of a button. To begin the process you’ll first need to log in to the 20i control panel. Once you’ve done so, head to the Migration Centre section and click ‘Start New Migration’. At this point select the migrate a WordPress site option and then select ‘Next’. Here you’ll be required to import 4 pieces of information. Firstly we require the hostname to which we need to connect. Secondly, you’ll…

  • Key points about website development starring Laurent by #professorgabs
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    Key points about website development starring Laurent by #professorgabs

    Hi I am Gabor teacher from digital marketing at HEG Haute Ecole de Gestion Geneva Today I’m with Laurent Hi guys we had a lecture about website marketing Please introduce yourself in 3 sentences. Who you are? What you do and what’s your experience with website development? I am Laurent, final year student at HEG Working as independant consultant. Website development? No, background in HR and expertise in different fields such as marketing and biz dev For academic purposes, I had the chance to develop a few websites as well as for some associations I’m supporting. Which type of website? American football team and a club of Vespa What did…

  • How to build a website w/ the help of a 3-year-old
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    How to build a website w/ the help of a 3-year-old

    Roman: hey what’s up you guys Careful hey what’s up you guys my name is Ayla and this is my son Roman and for today’s video, I’m proud to say it is sponsored by WIX! So yeah for today I’m gonna walk you step-by-step how we’re gonna create a website for us bro for us alright if this video doesn’t show you that anything’s possible I don’t know what will so let’s go getting it started I’m gonna go ahead and pop this screen up in the corner so you guys can kind of walk through it with me I have not done this yet I have not walked through…

  • How To Crop & Edit Images Inside WordPress
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    How To Crop & Edit Images Inside WordPress

    a great feature of WordPress is the ability to import images to your site and then edit them from within WordPress.This is really great whenever you have a picture that is quite the right size or perhaps you want a different part of the image for the thumbnail than what you use for the featured image on your website. This is also very good if you’re on a computer that doesn’t have any photo editing software installed on it. you can do everything online. Now whether this is a new post or you’re going in from the main menu. You want to get into the media area and either go…