• Netregistry Web Hosting with AusWax
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    Netregistry Web Hosting with AusWax

    >>Australian Waxing Company has been in business for about 20 years. We are specialists in waxing supplies. We have our own brand of wax called Bare Skin and we also sell the major brands like Lycon, all the major brands. Our business is about servicing, consulting and providing the best advice to our customers. We’ve been with Netregistry for about seven years. It’s very important to us to have the website up and running because we do a lot of our sales through the phone so we use our website to refer the clients back to. Also we have a lot of international clients, so they do buy a lot…

  • eHost – Web Hosting Review & Tutorial
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    eHost – Web Hosting Review & Tutorial

    Looking for the right platform to host your website and have no idea which one to choose? We will help you out with this detailed review of eHost.com. eHost offers only one package on promotional price of 2.75usd which includes all you might need-a website builder, cpanel, free domain and 300usd worth marketing tools. On the features page you can take a closer look at the detailed services and features offered like free Google Adwords and Bing credits worth about 100usd. You are also covered with a 45 days money back guarantee. With eHost you can create easily create your website with their website builder platform with a sleek drag…

  • ipage vs godaddy vs hostgator vs justhost vs bluehost – who is number #1
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    ipage vs godaddy vs hostgator vs justhost vs bluehost – who is number #1

    hello everybody how are you feeling today welcome to creatingwebsite.org where our mission is to teach you how to create a website today what we want to do is help you make a choice in deciding where you can host your website we’re going to give you the top 10 best web hosting companies from a website that we got this from which is called top 10 best webhosting.com and we’re going to start with number ten number ten GoDaddy it gets a 6.1 rating number nine HostGator get the 6.3 rating hub gets the 6.9 rating number seven IX webhosting gets a 7.5 number six in motion business hosting…

  • Change wordpress to a different domain using installatron on Cpanel – installatron clone wordpress
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    Change wordpress to a different domain using installatron on Cpanel – installatron clone wordpress

    Hello ladies and gentlemen Tom here with easy web 101 bringing you a video on how to Move your website from a sub domain or an add-on domain within the cPanel this is Specifically we’re using GoDaddy hosting on this one, but this should work for most cpanel hosting if you have install at ron in here So we’re just gonna go through the simple cloning process. We’re gonna go ahead and log in to our hosting Through the cPanel admin here and Right now I’m gonna go ahead and add a domain in here. Let me see what I have. Let’s Do We’ll just actually make a sum don’t…

  • Dewaweb – Cloud Hosting Terbaik Indonesia (ISO 27001 Certified)
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    Dewaweb – Cloud Hosting Terbaik Indonesia (ISO 27001 Certified)

    On a quiet night, hundreds of customers are browsing your website to shop … Suddenly your website can’t be accessed! When you contact your hosting provider, you have to wait for hours. Finally, hundreds of customers just disappear! If only there were angels from the sky who could grant requests … Introducing… DEWAWEB! DEWAWEB is ready to help your website to always be secure, fast and reliable! How does it work? DEWAWEB puts your website on the fastest cloud servers with unlimited bandwidth … and protect your website from attacks by hackers, malware, and the risk of losing data by providing Cloud Backup for FREE. DEWAWEB service is also ISO…

  • Tips To Starting Your Own Website. (Hosting)
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    Tips To Starting Your Own Website. (Hosting)

    Almost a must have for business’s And an easier way to expand your business And welcome to another video Are there previous reviews from customers? By www.debatecrate.com Does the company your choosing offer email services Hello friends and subscribers If you have decided to run your website with a slightly smaller company its always getting reviews from there customer’s and finding out there opinion of the company Nowadays Starting a professional website is The reason you have to review the support package you are getting with this company is because if your new to running a website its always good to have a teacher on hand when you need them…

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    How to Create A Free Website with Free Domain and Hosting| BuzzDope

    Hey Whats happening Guys, my name is Loshan and in this video I’m going to show you how can you create free Website with out buying domain and hosting at least for one year. Basically What I am gonna show you is how to get free domain and free hosting. Wait I’m not talking about Wix.com or Weebly Services they don’t provide you Domain They provide you Sub Domain. like if I want to make a website name buzzdope then I will get something like buzzdope.wix.com Also they don’t provide Hosting like Go daddy Does or Blue host. By this you will have access of WordPress which is most popular…