• How to Earn Money with Reseller Hosting? | MilesWeb
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    How to Earn Money with Reseller Hosting? | MilesWeb

    Are you a web developer, freelancer or a passionate coder? Want to start web hosting business? Uff! worried about its infrastructure, data center, and 24/7 support? Release all your worries with MilesWeb reseller hosting. Just buy web hosting resources from MilesWeb and sell it to your clients. Free yourself from – infrastructure cost Datacenter maintenance and hiring a tech support team. MilesWeb lets you sell web hosting under your brand name. Make security a top priority with our free SSL certificate. Host multiple websites from your hosting package. and yes, you can also sell domains, ssl, gsuite and other addons to earn extra money. With MilesWeb’s Reseller Hosting ‘Be Your…

  • best free web hosting for wordpress 2019
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    best free web hosting for wordpress 2019

    I’m going to show you how you can run a website free without buying any hosting you don’t even need a blogger or blogspot so without wasting time let’s begin the tutorial [Music] [Music] open your browser go to your Google Drive create a folder and name it what your domain name like this now upload your HTML files and folders in this Google Drive folder [Music] now go back and select the folder you create click on share make it public now go to Google and Tiger Drive to web click the first link you see now you will get to option here one is offering you to host…

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    Need a Website? you need to think about Web Hosting too!

    So? you probably already know…that whatever field you’re in, you need a website, right? But… Have you thought about the technical side of having one? You know? To enable website to be accessible to your prospective customers, it needs to be hosted somewhere. This means, the must be a computer constantly connected to the internet… A Server..! Which will do the job. Now, you’ve basically got 3 options… The fist one is: Setting up your own computer as a Server. Although, this might look the easiest way, It’s probably the worst and most expensive choice. First of all remember, your computer will need to be to be powered 24/7. And…

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    Web Hosting And Domain Names Explained For Beginners

    This is another video in a series showing you how to build a real estate website using WordPress. And in this video we’re going to take a look at the topic of domain names and web hosting. What are they and what purpose do they serve? So this video is really for the beginners out there who are just starting out with WordPress or even just starting out with their very first website ever and really aren’t familiar with how to build a website. We’re going to show you the very basics of what a domain name is … what web hosting is and how they work together. OK let’s…

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    So this is a question I get asked a lot, what is website hosting and do I need hosting? The answer to the question is yes. You’re website is a bunch of files and those files need to sit on someones hard drive in order for people to be able to request those files and then look at your website. So you can either build that yourself. You can go and build your own server and you can configure it so people can get the files and look at your site. I don’t recommend it. Or you rent space on somebody else’s hard drive or “server”. You rent that space…

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    Looking for a trusted web hosting partner? मोटाभाई recommends MilesWeb

    World revolves around the internet, where your brand needs its own space. But what do you need to create your mark in this cyberspace? A Domain, a Website and a Web Hosting Partner. MilesWeb bestows all this under one roof! Started in 2012 and headquartered in India. Now, we are also present in various countries. At MilesWeb, all the websites are hosted on reliable and secure servers. Our well-equiped infrastructure consists of best in class Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers. We ensure that a team of highly skilled experts is always available to untangle your server related issues. You can count on us for credibility, commitment and reliability Our overall…

  • What do you need to make a WordPress website? How To WordPress #2
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    What do you need to make a WordPress website? How To WordPress #2

    In the last video I talked about what WordPress is and about the two different versions of WordPress. If you missed that video click on the little “i” icon at the top of the screen to go back and watch it. In this video I’m going to introduce you to the basic things that you need to create a website using the open source version of WordPress. You can find and download that version of WordPress at WordPress.org. There are three things that you need to build a WordPress website. Number One is to get the WordPress software. Number Two is to set up website hosting or a place to…

  • Hosting for Amazon Affiliate Niche and Authority Sites & WHEN to UPGRADE
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    Hosting for Amazon Affiliate Niche and Authority Sites & WHEN to UPGRADE

    let’s talk about the hosting specifically hosting for Amazon affiliate sites I had a question come in a couple weeks ago someone was just getting started they hadn’t even purchased a hosting package yet and they wanted to know how they could plan for the future and they were willing to make an investment that we’re willing to pay a little bit more for hosting to sort of like plan for the future and plan for future growth I like that kind of thinking it’s kind of the way I think – I’d rather you know make an investment early on and just be set for a little while this…

  • BLUE HOST: Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020
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    BLUE HOST: Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020

    hello everyone welcome to a video it’s kith pam here today we’re reviewing Bluehost which is the number one web hosting service in 2019 and 2020 you know it comes for a price of two ninety-five a month for two ninety-five a month what do you get? first of all you get the easiest web host to set up with WordPress it’s super affordable it includes a free domain for the first year when you sign up and an awesome support for 24 hour a live chat and for the live chat their response is about let’s see three minutes is their response time and it’s it’s just an amazing…