• How to Earn Money with Reseller Hosting? | MilesWeb
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    How to Earn Money with Reseller Hosting? | MilesWeb

    Are you a web developer, freelancer or a passionate coder? Want to start web hosting business? Uff! worried about its infrastructure, data center, and 24/7 support? Release all your worries with MilesWeb reseller hosting. Just buy web hosting resources from MilesWeb and sell it to your clients. Free yourself from – infrastructure cost Datacenter maintenance and hiring a tech support team. MilesWeb lets you sell web hosting under your brand name. Make security a top priority with our free SSL certificate. Host multiple websites from your hosting package. and yes, you can also sell domains, ssl, gsuite and other addons to earn extra money. With MilesWeb’s Reseller Hosting ‘Be Your…

  • How To Delete A Domain
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    How To Delete A Domain

    In this tutorial you will learn how to delete a domain or a subdomain from your account Select Domain Manager For this tutorial we will delete mynewdomain.com Click on the Settings icon Click on the Unhost (delete) button Please note that any websites, files and emails associated with this domain will be deleted Click Delete Domain Confirm the deletion You can see that mynewdomain.com has been deleted Now we will delete a subdomain Click on the Settings icon and select Delete Subdomain Confirm the deletion The subdomain has been deleted from the system

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    Hello dear friends to share you! Today we are sharing our website affiliate marketing model. Register a host for us to use and market affiliate links from this host. We use our hosting to store web design data We make money from this hosting too great. Affiliate marketing Hostinger You need web design hosting and domain Domain is the web hosting address where your web data is stored. Do affiliate marketing when referring anyone who registers you to get paid by you hostinger. Cheap hosting and domain registration do as follows You go to the web browser you go to “Tronghienmmo.com” you register the link you get a discount hostinger…

  • 5️⃣  Things To Do BEFORE & AFTER Buying a Domain
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    5️⃣ Things To Do BEFORE & AFTER Buying a Domain

    hey this is Victor I hope you’re doing well okay so in today’s video I wanted to share with you five things that you should do immediately before and after you buy a domain so a lot of people get very excited about buying a new domain for their website and then they think they can forget about it until the website is ready to be launched and there’s a bunch of things that you can do immediately before and immediately after you buy that domain that will definitely help you when it comes to launching your website so let’s go and look at some of those things you can…

  • Domain Registration for Your Website
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    Domain Registration for Your Website

    Hi I’m Chris with Tiny Frog Technologies and today I wanted to talk to you about a common question that comes from clients about the difference between domain registration and hosting. Well a domain registrar is a company that you purchase your domain name from. And holds the DNS settings that hold records that tell the domain, “Hey I want my email over here” and “I need my website over here.” These DNS settings hold records that tell your domain where to host your email, where to host your website. It’s not necessary to have all three of them in one area because you can buy you know domain “A”…

  • WebHostingHub Review. Buy Domain Name and Web Hosting
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    WebHostingHub Review. Buy Domain Name and Web Hosting

    Hi, my name is Amy, and I just want to say about my WebHostingHub experience. WebHostingHub is fantastic! Late last year I moved all my sites from one hosting to WebHostingHub mostly because I was disappointed in the speed of my WordPress sites at old hosting. In general, I have been very, very happy with my decision despite the work involved in migrating everything over. It is the best service I’ve ever used. It is cheap and reliable plus it has the awesome cpanel, the best customer support and thats what makes it stand among its competitors. I get my domains at WebHostingHub and host my all sites here. I…

  • Safestore Testimonial – Hyve Managed Hosting
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    Safestore Testimonial – Hyve Managed Hosting

    I’m Phil Fryer head of IT at Safestore. Safestore offers self-storage to our personal and business customers from 120 stores throughout the UK. When I joined Safestore over 12 years ago, the internet was quite a small part of our business, we had only maybe 25% of our inquiries came via the web, but nowadays that’s in excess of 80%, so our website is exceedingly important to Safestore. Finding a good quality hosting supplier is exceedingly difficult. To find one that you can get a hold of when you’ve got problems, and to be able to troubleshoot when there are issues. Historically, we had a very small boutique supplier, which…

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    Bluehost Web hosting Tutorial | A Quick Review

    So it’s pretty self-explanatory when you go onto the Bluehost website after you’ve clicked on the sponsored link below you just click on the get started now button here and Then you can choose a plan now If you’re gonna get your domain name with Bluehost I definitely recommend if you don’t already have your domain name just to keep your life simple to go ahead and sign up for it with the same company that you have hosting with just because that way you don’t remember where Is my domain name hosted with and who is my website hosted with it’s all just in one place so if if…

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    How to swap/switch addon domain with primary domain(GoDaddy+WordPress)

    This is Yasir from WPHowKnow and in today’s video I will show you how to swap add-on domain with primary domain along with the websites and their data in 5 simple steps and I will also cover the points that are important while swapping the domains So let’s begin. I am already logged into my GoDaddy account here You can see two two means that I want to swap Both of these websites are running on WordPress. This domian yasirworkfolio is the primary domain and the domain WPHowKnow is the add-on domain. First, let’s see what is the content on our primary domain which is yasirworkfolio and here you can…