• Weebly Review, a first look at the Weebly website builder.
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    Weebly Review, a first look at the Weebly website builder.

    so this is my Weebly review it’s actually my first look at Weebly and sort of a quick unboxing style review of Weebly what are we looking for is how easy it is to use is it fairly intuitive and what you can generally do with it so what I’m doing this year is I am looking at the top easy to use website builders to help you guys figure out which ones are the best and easiest to use so when I’m finished looking at all of these different website builders I’ll link down below to my top recommendations for the best website builders to use so look for…

  • How to move host using Cpanel (control panel software)
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    How to move host using Cpanel (control panel software)

    welcome guys to another tutorial from the GD review this tutorial is going to be basically how to migrate your hosting to a new host so it’s basically from cPanel to cPanel if you don’t you see Perl then you need to refer to your host and to find out how to migrate across to a new new provider but this is going to be a quick video for you on how to move servers includes SSL all your files being backed up and moved to a new house ok so what’s actually involved in that is fire restoration so basically fire restoration so backing up the files from your…

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    How to install wordpress in cpanel hostgator

    Hello Friends! Welcome to Expert Blogging. In today’s video we will learn how to install WordPress in cpanel hostgator. In the last video we saw how to setup nameservers for your domain name in Godaddy. So once your nameservers are set then the next step is to install WordPress for the domain. So, WordPress is nothing but a content management system using which we can setup a website and it is one of the most popular content management system in the market and it is very easy to use so we will also see how to install WordPress in the cpanel. Before that, lets have a look how our current…

  • Install WordPress in CPanel HostGator – Manual Installation
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    Install WordPress in CPanel HostGator – Manual Installation

    hello tutorial shows you how to install WordPress professionally manually and securely install WordPress on Hostgator using FileZilla method can be used for different hosting servers open web browser and log in a near cPanel go to MySQL databases and create new database okay go back and create a new user create a strong password make sure it contains a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters numbers and symbols okay database and user has been created now we need to add user to the database make sure you choose a correct database in user check all privileges okay now go to web browser load wordpress also we need file editor…

  • Deep Dive Into cPanel Metrics & Statistics
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    Deep Dive Into cPanel Metrics & Statistics

    today I’m going to show you how we can see the status and usage reports for websites in our every servers we have enabled lots of server statistics tool for all our customers. Let’s start how you can get deeper insights of those reports by yourself so mainly this is the metrics area where you can all kinds of reports from here. So there is a visitor statistics, how much bandwidth you are consuming from your host and also you can download your access log aWStats is for extensive reports very very extensive reports you can get from and also you can check your analog stats of your website and…

  • How to create an addon domain in cPanel
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    How to create an addon domain in cPanel

    Login to cPanel Click on addon domains, under domains Enter the name of the domain Click on the subdomain field The subdomain field and document root field will auto populate You can change the document root if necessary If you want to create an ftp account, tick the box Enter a user name Click the password generator Save the password somewhere safe and click use password Click add domain

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    How to remove subdomain from cPanel 2018 | itechbdpro.com

    Subscribe i-TecH BD channel and press the bell button to get first latest updates! How to remove subdomain from cPanel Login to your hosting cPanel Here you find your subdomain option or search Click on subdomain Go to modify a subdomain option Press remove to delete Press delete permanently button to delete subdomain It is successfully deleted/removed Go back The item is fully deleted Thanks for watching Don’t Forget to like, comments and share!!! And Subscribe must