• Intelligent cloud computing lifts villages out of water poverty
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    Intelligent cloud computing lifts villages out of water poverty

    >>:: I grew up in rural parts of Kenya, which have quite high rates of poverty. In our family, we used to get on our bicycles, each of us carrying three jugs, like three or four people, me, my uncles and my cousins. We would travel, like, 20 kilometers on a bicycle that day to go look for water.>>:: Four out of five people in the world don’t have access to safe drinking water live in rural areas. This situation is particularly compounded in Africa where hand pumps and rural water supplies often fail. And one of the newest technologies that’s now emerged in terms of mobile solutions and cloud-based…

  • How Can Something Have Zero Calories?
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    How Can Something Have Zero Calories?

    This episode of Dnews is brought to you by Domain.com. Zero-calorie foods are all the rage these days – but are they REALLY zero calories? And is it even possible for a food to HAVE zero calories? Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – and I’m sure a lot of you out there drink diet soda on occasion, and if so – perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering at times, “How is it possible that this has zero calories?” Or for that matter, how can any food have zero calories? It’s an interesting question, and the truth is – they really can’t. Aside from water, there is no truly zero calorie…

  • OVH.COM : How our servers come to be (in North America)
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    OVH.COM : How our servers come to be (in North America)

    OVH.com s global stock of servers passed the 150,000 mark in the first quarter of 2013, a figure which reflects the increasing needs of its customers. The European web hosting leader’s exponential growth has further increased with the official launch, at the beginning of the year of BHS, its North American datacentre,. One of the most appreciated advantages is the high availability of machines, a server ordered on OVH.com is available just one hour later. This impressive delivery time is because every machine is assembled and tested in our production facility. It’s here at the production facility, located within the BHS (Beauharnois) datacentre in southern Montreal, that OVH.com manufactures servers…

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    BIM Maturity /// Easy as 1, 2, 3 | The B1M

    Lots of people talk about the different levels of BIM, but what do they actually mean? Well the levels run from 0 to 3 and are used as measures of BIM maturity; that is the construction supply chain’s ability to operate and exchange information. Level 0 is essentially the use of computer aided design (or CAD tools) to create drawings and drawn elements using IT software. It’s the first step up from generating information by hand. By contrast levels 1-3 deal with varying degrees of modelling, collaboration and eventually the exchange of fully integrated, interoperable data. Within Level 1, we progress from CAD to generate suites of 2D information, followed…

  • This Superfluid Is Alive, And It Could Power Machines of the Future
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    This Superfluid Is Alive, And It Could Power Machines of the Future

    Bacteria are everywhere, and they’re incredibly versatile. They can get us sick, they’re essential good guys in our digestive system…and they almost defy the laws of physics to create a fluid that basically could power a perpetual motion machine?? I didn’t see that coming. Ok, some vocab here. For fluids, friction is expressed as viscosity: the less friction in a fluid, the lower its viscosity. Superfluids are materials that seem to not be bound by the power of friction. They have ‘frictionless flow’ and therefore zero viscosity, which means they aren’t stopped or slowed down by their own internal motion, and so don’t lose momentum when moving–give it one first…