• The War Heroes Who Happened to Be Dogs
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    The War Heroes Who Happened to Be Dogs

    Heroes come in many forms; as it turns out, some are even furry and four-legged. Due in part to their superior ability to sniff and hear trouble, dogs have long been a fantastic ally and a great protector of humans. After all, it was Lassie who, through a series of barks, told the grown-ups that Timmy was in trouble again (Note: Contrary to popular belief, Timmy never actually fell down a well. Mineshaft, sure, but no well.) Dogs can also be quite brave and have been known to run into dangerous situations without a moment of hesitation. Throughout history, several dogs have gained a reputation as being courageous in wartime.…

  • Como Surgiu A Guerra Aérea?
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    Como Surgiu A Guerra Aérea?

    How did the air warfare come about? Usually called air warfare, one of the most frightening conflicts on the battlefield is the tactics of military operations conducted by airplanes, helicopters or other manned or unmanned equipment operating in the air, pouring various lethal weapons over the heads of enemies. Air warfare is not limited only to attacking the ground or against vessels in the water or under it, but it can be conducted against other aircraft, a conflict almost entirely a creation of the 20th century, in which it became the main branch of military operations around the world. What is observed today did not come suddenly, the beginning of…

  • Normal People Who Got Famous For The Most Bizarre Reasons
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    Normal People Who Got Famous For The Most Bizarre Reasons

    The world is full of famous people who’ve become household names. Some of these folks use talent, some use moxie, and others rely on hard work to make their way in the world and become famous. These people… did not do any of that. Child endangerment isn’t generally something to be celebrated. Yet somehow a woman named Patricia Krentcil managed to take her child endangerment charges and become a paparazzi favorite out of the whole situation. That’s not to say that Krentcil – who was better known as “Tan Mom” – didn’t get into trouble for bringing her then 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth, resulting in burns. Of course,…

  • Evolution of Web Design 1990-2019
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    Evolution of Web Design 1990-2019

    the first website was published in 1990 comparing to today’s website it’s really impressive to see how far we have come in this video we will travel back in time to see each step of web design evolution in the past 30 years let’s check it out 1990 was when the world first website was published there were nothing much except a few texts and links also at the time the available public web browser wasn’t graphical but text only called line mode browser so here is what was the website looked like 1992 was when the first image was posted online and was edited with Photoshop before uploaded into…

  • A Google Web Designer Thought Experiment
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    A Google Web Designer Thought Experiment

    [MUSIC PLAYING] I like to walk into people’s lives and show them a different angle, show them a different perspective. The industry I work in it’s marketing, advertising, basically. What I have been specializing in the last few years is rich media. It’s a great combination of all the things I really like doing– storytelling, animation, graphic design, different people, different situations, different locations. That’s where I get my inspiration from. Don’t get too comfortable. I had a really happy childhood. My parents let me do whatever I wanted to do. Playing “Dungeons & Dragons” was cool. There was so much freedom to explore these worlds. Being dyslexic forces you…

  • America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump, Part One (full film) | FRONTLINE
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    America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump, Part One (full film) | FRONTLINE

    ♪ ♪>>NARRATOR: Tonight…>>This country goes into 2020 as divided as it’s ever been.>>NARRATOR: From “Frontline’s” award-winning political team– a two-night special series. Years of reporting investigating the conflicts and crossing the divide.>>People were angry.>>…cascade of outrage.>>Outrage machine…>>Are they going to start storming the gates?>>NARRATOR: “Frontline” begins its 2020 political coverage with the epic story of how we got here.>>The nation’s first African American president…>>NARRATOR: A decade of division defined by Barack Obama…>>We will change the course…>>NARRATOR: …and Donald Trump.>>Make America great again!>>The third president in U.S. history to be impeached…>>Today there’s just a lack of respect. To assume the other side is not just the political opponent, but the enemy.>>And…

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    Early History of House Hohenzollern (1200-1640) | History of Prussia #4

    Welcome to House of History. Last week we’ve looked at the prehistory of the territories that would eventually be united in the state of Prussia and the Teutonic Order, the Warrior Monks that colonized it. Their atrocities left permanent marks on the lands. Yet it was the Teutonic Knights whose Grand Master, Albrecht of Brandenburg-Ansbach, in 1525, decided to use the Reformation as a pretence to secularize and claim the territories for himself and name himself ‘Duke of Prussia’. It was the beginning of a long reign of the territory by the ambitious Hohenzollern clan, already Margraves of Brandenburg. This week, we’ll look at the Hohenzollern dynastic history, how they…

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    Barbara – Patient Video – Web

    (upbeat music) – I had put off my surgery number one ’cause I was scared and number two, I just didn’t know what to think about the whole thing. – She was miserable. It was really difficult for her getting up out of the chair and walking across the parking lot or something like this. Everything was a chore. – Finally, I told my doctor, “I need to have it done.” We came, we checked into the hospital and it was easy sailing. The next day, I was up and walking. Once I got into the rehab, I was scared continuously. They encouraged me, challenged me, and kept me safe…

  • Battleship Petropavlovsk. The Survivor | World of Warships
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    Battleship Petropavlovsk. The Survivor | World of Warships

    The beginning of the 20th century marked a new era in naval shipbuilding. Russia also followed the trend: in June 1909, , Saint-Petersburg, four dreadnoughts of the Russian fleet were laid down. They were the Sevastopol-class battleships, quite powerful for their time. Battleship Petropavlovsk did not manage to demonstrate the power of her artillery in World War I. But after the October Revolution, she sided with the Bolsheviks, and in 1919 engaged British ships. Petropavlovsk also participated in other military operations during the Russian Civil War… During the White Guard mutiny in the Krasnaya Gorka fort in 1919, battleship Petropavlovsk fired 568 12-inch shells. You can imagine the scope of…

  • 4 Creepypasta Websites You Should NEVER Go On
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    4 Creepypasta Websites You Should NEVER Go On

    There is a website that offers. It’s used as the chance to experience the to quote Ultimate horror this website called blind Maiden calm It’s supposedly a site dedicated to a doomed spirit that will enter the home of people who are viewed that site However, no matter how hard you try your browser won’t allow you to enter the site You see to access this site. You must wait until exactly 12:00 a.m. Making sure the night in question is in a new moon night You must be on your own in your home with all the lights turned off Only when these conditions are met You will be…