• Visiting the Domain of Vabbi – Part 2 | Guild Wars 2 | Kodash Bazaar & Vehtendi Valley
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    Visiting the Domain of Vabbi – Part 2 | Guild Wars 2 | Kodash Bazaar & Vehtendi Valley

    The Domain of Vabbi, Part 2 🌴 PRAISE JOKO! Vehtendi Valley This Area is mostly taken by the Branded but it still has some recongnizable areas Let´s have a look at Guild Wars: Nightfall Vehtendi Valley Used to be a very fertile area with farms and rivers and you might have noticed… It’s always night here A lot of farms can be found in this area There’s also something that managed to stay intact The Hanging Gardens of Jahin A village of nobles and farmers can be found near the Kodash Bazaar Forum Highlands The Forum Highlands are a bit more fertile in Guild Wars 2. It used to be…

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    The Mexican Mormon War (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Full Length)

    MITT ROMNEY: Drug trafficking. That’s one more of those areas of concern. It’s time for the United States of America to take responsibility for the pain and suffering and torture and murder that’s going on throughout Latin America. SHANE SMITH: Maybe one of the reasons that Mitt Romney is so concerned with the drug wars taking place just south of the American border is that it affects him and his family personally. Hi, I’m Shane Smith and we’re here at the Vice headquarters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Now, Williamsburg is ground zero for hipsters. Which means it’s also ground zero for partying. Which means it’s ground zero for cocaine. Now, Vice…

  • I made Minecraft Skins based off of Bugs
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    I made Minecraft Skins based off of Bugs

    [James Charles]: Special shout out to… [James Charles]: Beanie! Her name is Beanie. You’re a real one. [Pewdiepie]: Thank you Beanie. [James Charles]: Thank you Beanie, appreciate you girl. [Pewdiepie]: Check- Check out Beanie guys! Hello everyone, Beanie here, and today I’m doing a skin video! Literally, omg, it’s been like… 9 months since I’ve posted a skin video, and 2 years since I’ve posted a real “speed paint” video. Wow, that’s actually insane. But today isn’t just any old speed paint video, it’s a full on CHALLENGE! I’m doing this with one of my good friends, Moondust Bri! Before I start explaining and getting into the video more, I’m…