• Why Startup Fails? | Online Verge | The Big Question
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    Why Startup Fails? | Online Verge | The Big Question

    According to Small Business Association, out of all 30% startups fail in the first two years after they start and almost 50% startups fail during first 5 years. However not each and every startup fails as they start. Like Mike Tyson once said “Everybody got a plan until they get a punch in the face”! And by so far, it is true! When you start your own startup with an idea which you think is going to be the next big thing and eventually it will change the world, but when you hit the market, the market hits you back! Hey guys you are watching online verge where we help…

  • UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3
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    UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

    [beep]>>Valentina: We’re in Texas Gun Club and we are coming to shoot because we are in Texas. After training, it’s the best what we can do to spend the day.>>How are you?>>Good. >>Good to see you.>>Valentina: I think we’re gonna shoot some pistols. Let’s see what we have. My favorite to shoot and to practice is 9mm. So, but, I’m open to any caliber. They knew CZ 75 your favorite and Glock 19 my favorite. For me, why Glock because this kind of gun who would work doesn’t matter what, doesn’t matter where. It will work. And in my mind, it’s same like MMA fighters, mixed martial arts fighters. It’s…

  • Малката Гъдулка (еп.1) | The Small Gadulka (ep.1)
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    Малката Гъдулка (еп.1) | The Small Gadulka (ep.1)

    Recommended parental control The film is not recommended for people without a sense of humor You are with Ei Bo And DON`T switch the channel, because something unexpected is waiting for you UNEXPECTED A brand new production And I want to note that еverything is comical in it SUBSCRIBE! Get a salad in a basin and watch An Ei-BOmbai Production The small Gadulka NO… No way! COME HERE ALL!!! Here it is! HERE IT IS!! The Slipper! The SLIPPER… The SLIPPER! THE SLIPPER !!!!! In the next episode The small gadulka I told you that… it is here

  • Pamir, szczyt naszej podróży: przełęcz Ak-Bajtal 4655 mnpm | #82 Rowerem do Azji Centralnej
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    Pamir, szczyt naszej podróży: przełęcz Ak-Bajtal 4655 mnpm | #82 Rowerem do Azji Centralnej

    To Central Asia by Bicycle The summit of our trip: the Ak-Baital Pass – 4655 m I just woke up. It’s a quarter past 7. I slept well. My throat is a bit better. My nose is still runny, but hopefully that will be fine too. It’s nice weather. It rained during the night. We’re still riding along this fence of the Chinese border. Although… according to the map it’s still a few kilometers from here so maybe it’s only the beginning of this zone you couldn’t enter during the Soviet Union. You’d probably like to know how they made sure the citizens wouldn’t run away during communism or that…

  • Rosanna Pansino Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions
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    Rosanna Pansino Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions

    Hey guys, it’s Ro welcome back to my channel and today I am so excited because I am gonna be answering the web’s most searched questions! A lot of my friends have done this video and you guys wanted to see me do it. So that is exactly what we’re doing today. I’m really excited because this is very different for me, I’ve never done something like this and a big thing you do my team. They made me this board This looks so fancy and they even put it on a little easel. It’s adorable I don’t know what these questions are they put a bunch of questions on…

  • Ze Frank’s web playroom
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    Ze Frank’s web playroom

    Every presentation needs this slide in it. (Laughter) It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Do you see? All the points, all the lines — it’s incredible. It is the network; and in my case, the network has been important in media, because I get to connect to people. Isn’t it amazing? Through that, I connect to people. And the way that I’ve been doing it has been multifaceted. For example, I get people to dress up their vacuum cleaners. (Laughter) I put together projects like Earth Sandwich, where I ask people to try and simultaneously place two pieces of bread perfectly opposite each other on the Earth. And people started laying bread…