• Haluk Demirkan – How Organizations Use Smart Machines: Cognitive Computing Co-create Business Value
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    Haluk Demirkan – How Organizations Use Smart Machines: Cognitive Computing Co-create Business Value

    My name is Haluk Demirkan I’m a faculty member at Milgard school of Business actually you will uh great that Matt presented before me because I have some of the most similar slides. so you will learn better I guess? so um my quick background, I have been at University of Washington Tacoma for four years uh I was at Arizona state University before here, 11 years and um before that I was in Industry actually similar to Matt’s background. Worked mostly in the data decision support system some of you probably remember that. Basically, the old version of Big Data So uh my area of expertise is basically on…

  • Creative Kentuckians Discover What’s Possible at UK
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    Creative Kentuckians Discover What’s Possible at UK

    The College of Fine Arts hosted the Governor’s School for the Arts for the first time in the history of that program and welcomed 256 students from across the Commonwealth. GSA is Kentucky’s flagship initiative for Kentucky’s brightest young artists. The summer program is a three-week, tuition- free residential summer program that focuses on nine different art forms. I really consider it almost a sacred responsibility to keep this program going for future generations and then to take GSA to my alma mater, the University of Kentucky, is an amazing full circle experience. UK’s commitment to the arts is at such a high level that it makes it the perfect…

  • Human Centered Computing
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    Human Centered Computing

    ♪ Music ♪ >>Hi I’m Anne Haake. I’m a professor in the college of Computing and Information Sciences, in the PhD department and I’m in the Multidisciplinary Vision Research Labs. Content Based Image Retrieval is a method of using information in the image itself. Information such as color, contrast, edges, those types of features for storing and retrieving images. And it’s a potential solution to the problem of ever increasing amounts of digital images, and the fact that most of these images are not annotated, that is, there hasn’t been someone to add labels or tags to those images. And in biomedical area one of the major uses is to…

  • Shaping the future of IT – Computing at UWE
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    Shaping the future of IT – Computing at UWE

    My name is Benson Daniel I’m from India I joined UWE for a Computing BSc Hons degree. Tequila head hunted me on May 31st 2011 and they were quite impressed by my website and the things that I have done. I always look for the sparkle in the eye the fire in the belly when I’m recruiting. This guy has come into our business as a young guy has absorbed so much and is learning so much, has really become a steady part of the team. If the UWE talent is all like Benson’s they we want to work directly with them. As everybody knows getting a job in London…

  • Computing
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    There’s a ton of paths and especially with everything advancing nowadays it’s a huge field to get into. Analyst, web developers, making apps, working with robots…Slippery Rock’s a cool place to study computing and mainly because the professors are great. They’re very interactive. It’s kind of like a little family in the computing department because all the upperclassmen are always around helping people out. Class sizes are twenty-five/thirty to one. Your professors do get to know you! People immediately get jobs from here. There’s a lot of internship opportunities, a lot of the alumni will come back and help us get started for research. I had to do a database…

  • Flip-flop qubits: a whole new quantum computing architecture
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    Flip-flop qubits: a whole new quantum computing architecture

    A quantum computer is not just a faster computer. It’s a machine that can solve problems that are completely intractable by any modern computer, no matter how powerful. But to really outperform a supercomputer, the quantum computer must be built using many quantum bits, or qubits all individually controlled, and coupled to each other in a large array. Our team at UNSW has already established the record of performance for single qubits in the solid state. Our qubits are individual atoms of phosphorus, implanted inside a silicon chip very similar to those that power all modern computers and smartphones. We’ve made qubits out of both the electron and the nucleus…

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    The Beauty and Joy of Computing (CS Principles) | BerkeleyX on edX | Course About Video

    DAN GARCIA: Hi, I’m Dan Garcia. I teach at UC Berkeley. I want to tell you about this amazing new course called The Beauty and Joy of Computing. It’s a computer science principles course to broaden participation in computing to everyone. It’s intended for folks who haven’t programmed before. And it’s not a programming course, but you will do a fair amount of programming in this really great language called Snap, where you program by dragging blocks around. Let’s take a look at some of the projects students have created in this course. ITZEL: Hi, my name’s Itzel. For my final BJC project, I made an M & M version…

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    Lecture 0: Introduction – Computing 1 – Richard Buckland UNSW

    I’ve got a series of polls to sort of get you in the frame of mind of thinking like a uni student or thinking like a computer scientist , really the first one comes from something my daughter said this morning as she was looking at the biscuits, and we had lots of those biscuits that were pink with little hundreds and thousands on them and she was marvelling at how many there were and she said: i like them so much I would like – she’s just learning big numbers – i would like twenty thousand of them i said “oh, that’s quite a lot”, she said yes “No,…

  • Missoula College – How to Apply | University of Montana
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    Missoula College – How to Apply | University of Montana

    Hi my name is Aimee Elliot Im the program director for the Big Sky Culinary Institute and I’m h ere at Missoula College and I’m here to help you through the application process for applying to Missoula College To join us head over to admissions.umt.edu and click Apply Today Next click Missoula College Admission then Apply then select the term you wish to enroll in create an account with missoula college this’ll make the application process much easier you may also add and AP, IB or Dual Credit scores for your math placement or writing placement exams we can’t wait for you to join us at Missoula College thank you…