• Edit Footer Copyright “Proudly powered by WordPress”
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    Edit Footer Copyright “Proudly powered by WordPress”

    All right, so Brian on YouTube just asked how to edit the footer in Sydney and how to delete the powered by wordpress section So brian you’re the man we’re going to solve it for you right [now] because I think your question is a Common one that other people have and this can apply to other wordpress themes and blogs and websites, too We’re going to learn how to edit this section right at the very bottom in the footer [alright], so let’s do it if we click customize then we We can click footer But a lot of themes don’t allow us to edit this area some of…

  • The Unboxing Authority YouTube Channel 2017
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    The Unboxing Authority YouTube Channel 2017

    Police Siren Hello I am the Unboxing Authority Do you know why I pulled you over today ? Because I’m too young to be driving ? Yes your too young to be Driving, but that’s not why I pulled you over, I pulled you over because you are cutting towards yourself with a knife, When your unboxing that, so I’m going to have to confiscate that knife from you, What does confiscate mean ? It means you are going to have to hand it over, You have to learn how to cut properly, cut away from yourself. You could poke yourself, That’s right that’s why You could poke yourself That’s…

  • How to add feedwind widget into website like wordpress and weebly
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    How to add feedwind widget into website like wordpress and weebly

    Hey! hi everyone in this video we will show you How you can add feedwind widget into a wordpress and weebly website So let’s begin Sign in to your feedwind account than select the widget you want to create i will select RSS give it a name change the settings the way you want I will select Card i dont need title Looks good save and get code copy the snippet So this is my wordpress site i will add my widget in my sidebar, over here just above the recent posts So i will login to my dashboard go to appearance – widgets add you can drag custom html…

  • Tutorial #9: Creating WordPress Pages
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    Tutorial #9: Creating WordPress Pages

    In Tutorial #4 of this series, I discussed the difference between WordPress Post and Pages and we went on to create a post of the site. In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to create a WordPress page. We already have one page within our WordPress site as part of our sample data. It’s this page, the Sample page, which we can find on our main menu. By default, when we create new pages in WordPress, they’re added here, to our top primary menu. In the next tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a custom menu, but for now we’ll return to the WordPress dashboard to create a new page…

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    How to Use WordPress | WordPress Tutorial for Beginners [2018]

    In this how to use WordPress tutorial, we’ll provide an introduction to WordPress for beginners, to help you get familiar with the fundamentals of WordPress. This WordPress tutorial for beginners, will cover what WordPress is, how it can be used, the process of installing WordPress, as well as the practical aspects of installing themes and plugins, and creating and managing content (including posts, pages, menus, and widgets). We’ve created a step by step post that accompanies this video, that you can follow along with on the OHKLYN website at OHKLYN o-h-k-l-y-n.com (there will be a direct link in the description below). In that post, you’ll find the written instructions, as…

  • How to setup hotllink protection in cPanel
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    How to setup hotllink protection in cPanel

    Login to your cPanel Scroll down to the security section Click on hotlink protection At the top, you can toggle hotlink protection to be enabled, or disabled Below this, you can enter urls that are allowed access Next, you can specify which file types to block Here we have blocked a series of image file types The allow direct requests checkbox, allows users to see the image if they enter the full URL of the image in a browser This may need to be checked in some cases, such as when a visitor is viewing something in QuickTime In the last field you can redirect any hotlink to a URL…

  • WordPress Post Vs Page
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    WordPress Post Vs Page

    Hello and welcome to another video in our WordPress series I’m going to quickly explain the difference between posts and pages in WordPress Because often WordPress beginners get confused between posts and pages by default WordPress comes with two content types Posts and pages, as a beginner you are probably wondering What is the difference between them it seems to have similar fields in the dashboard it seems to look the same on the website Why do I need both? When should I use posts? And when should I use pages? In this video I’m going to explain the difference between posts and pages in WordPress If you’re using WordPress…