• How to Make a Website – Free & Under  7 minutes
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    How to Make a Website – Free & Under 7 minutes

    Hello. My name is Mike and in this video I’m going to teach you how to create a website that will be free forever and no technical skills needed. Once you have your website you’ll be able to optimize it yourself so that you can appear higher in search results for Google and other search engines. To make our website today we’re going to use the Webnode 2.0 online website maker because it is easy-to-use, there is no software download or installation required and you’ll be able to edit whenever you’d like. Also, you’ll be able to create a professional and stylish website. Click on the button in this video…

  • WordPress 101: Create a Theme from Scratch
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    WordPress 101: Create a Theme from Scratch

    hey what’s going on guys Alex here and thank you for checking this video and this is the first of a series of tutorial about WordPress and the series is WordPress 101 for beginner developers so before starting just a little announcement that is not an actual announcement but anyway if you’re already skilled with WordPress you already know what to do how to build a theme a template this is not the video for you this is totally a beginner beginner level video I’m going to explain how a wordpress template is built oh you can start from scratch and it’s going to be really detailed and probably really…

  • WordPress Dashboard Customization Tutorial
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    WordPress Dashboard Customization Tutorial

    Hello and welcome to this video, which will give you a quick tour of the WordPress dashboard Which is where you will find all the tools you need to create an amazing website So if you’re a beginner or you have some experience with WordPress you’ll find this video really helpful Let’s get straight into it and head over to our wordpress dashboard To get to your dashboard is easy. Just type in /wp-admin at the end of your website address Now just log in using your username and password, and this is your dashboard This is how most screens will look when editing your website You will have a…

  • T3 Framework – Installation Tutorials
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    T3 Framework – Installation Tutorials

    Hi, this is Peter from JoomlArt. In this video, Iíll be doing the tutorial about how to install the T3 version 3 Framework both the Quickstart and the manual installation. This video we will have 3 main parts. Downloading the T3 packages, the Quickstart Installation and the Mannual installation. Let’s get started with the Download section. Now, we are going to the Homepage of T3: t3-framework.org. Next, come to the top and click on the Download menu. Ok, find that ok? Now let’s scroll down. You can see there are multiple packages for you to download, we have Quickstart package, T3 blank, and the Framework plugin. First, we’re gonna install…

  • Connect Jetpack to WordPress.com in 60 seconds
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    Connect Jetpack to WordPress.com in 60 seconds

    Hey WordPress fans! I just wanted to take a quick minute and show you how to connect Jetpack to a wordpress.com account. There are a lot of Jetpack features that will work without an account but there are several features of Jetpack that you must connect to wordpress.com in order to use. So i just want to quickly show you how to do that. There’s a few places that WordPress reminds you that you need to connect to jetpack. One is here on the dashboard, you’ll see this box here that has a connect jetpack button. Also if you go to Jetpack in your left hand navigation, you’ll see another…

  • How to Make Your Own Website For $1
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    How to Make Your Own Website For $1

    To get our website we are going to use some of the best providers out there, which are GoDaddy & Hostgator, and we are going to use coupons to get the best deals. Whenever you want to make a website you need to understand that there are two parts to it. The hosting, and the domain. You can get them both using the same provider but what we are looking for here is cost effectiveness. So we are going to get them through different authoritative providers. The domain name is the name of your website. And the hosting is where your files are located on a server. Imagine that you…

  • Photoshop Smart Object for Web Design Tricks
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    Photoshop Smart Object for Web Design Tricks

    hey guys Faiz here and in this video we will Berlin is smart object I’ll teach you that the smarter way to make your design workflow super super fast so this video is PC for Photoshop users because I know after coming SketchApp in market Photoshop’s user doing lots of struggle in his life, I have seen lots of something let’s suppose you have to design your have ten pages and there is navigation bar and someone say and your clients say and anyone to say I don’t like this can you make it change what you will do you will go every peach and pink color so it is…