• Grails 3 and MongoDB Tutorial: Build CRUD Web Application Faster + Article + Source code
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    Grails 3 and MongoDB Tutorial: Build CRUD Web Application Faster + Article + Source code

    Hello everyone, today I will show you the link tutorials about Grails and MongoDB. The tutorial based on my article blogs in www.djamware.com see about Grails 3 and MongoDB tutorials. Let’s get started by creating a new project. Open the terminal and type “grails create-app” and the name of the project. Right here my project with name as “grails3-mongodb” now go to a currently created new folder and start opening interactive Grails console just wait for the second this might be all too long okay now is the part of configuring the projects from making Grails works with MongoDB open and edit with the Gradle in the root of the…

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    hey guys today I’ll be sharing the best websites to watch for free I left all the sites in the bottom if you know a good website I haven’t mentioned feel free to share it in the comments so more people could find out about it alright so head over to your browser the first website is called name some of you may have heard about this website lots of people on YouTube tend to be sponsored by it to promote the website itself marketing tactics it allows you to watch for free and although there are some ads on the website there isn’t a lot of them so here’s…

  • 10 Stunning Web Design Ideas You Must See in 2019
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    10 Stunning Web Design Ideas You Must See in 2019

    hello and welcome to red stapler channel in this video we’ll show you the collection of 10 stunning web design ideas in 2019 that you should see and details about technique and library they used ready let’s check it out this one used three.js WebGL library and combined it with custom shader the text and noise images were used to create texture map on plain surface before shader processing writing a game might sound complicated but actually this one is only just a sophisticated checkbox put together with conditions SCSS and Haml were used to help creating logics this one is a clever implementation of SVG radial gradient mask the…

  • Set up the Chat X WordPress Chat Box Plugin
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    Set up the Chat X WordPress Chat Box Plugin

    Hello this is going to be a tutorial on Setting up a client chat box on your WordPress website the plugin I am going to be using is the Chat X plug-in found on Code Canyon. So if you don’t know what a chat box is they have an example here it’s down the corner there this little box here usually says I’m online and it’s an easy way for you to for your clients to contact you and talk to you directly providing Live support or just live questions on a product for your for your customers. So let’s get into it the first thing you’re going to need…

  • How to auto start any website or program at windows startup
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    How to auto start any website or program at windows startup

    Hello, tutorial shows you, How to auto start any website or program at windows startup First I’ll show you, how to auto-start your web-browser with your favorite websites, using batch file script So, create new text document and write easiest windows command Choose your browser name and type website, which you want to open Name and save file as a batch format Ok, works fine Now, let’s move it in startup folder Open startup folder, by going to Start, All Programs then, right-click on Startup folder and select Open If you are using windows 8, and don’t have start menu, press windows-key + R, on your keyboard In a box…

  • WordPress App (iOS/Android) – Create OU Portfolio
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    WordPress App (iOS/Android) – Create OU Portfolio

    One of the most convenient ways to update your Create OU portfolio website, is to use the WordPress App on either Android or iOS. Now the App, when you install it and load it up, looks like this. Now your Create OU site is actually a self-hosted website so select that option to get started. Now, we need your side address and your WordPress username and password. And these are going to be different from your Create OU password and username if you not change them. First, type in your site address and next type in your username and password. I’ll leave a link in the description of this video…

  • Web Design Tutorial For Beginners Using Photoshop
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    Web Design Tutorial For Beginners Using Photoshop

    Hey what is up guys, my name is Cosmin and in today’s video I’ll show you how I did a redesign of a landing page. This project was done for an SEO agency that’s worked with some pretty big clients and wanted to leverage them to get some new leads, in the initial brief they mentioned they wanted something completely different than what they had, here are a few bits and pieces from the brief, the landing page should look very impressive, more full and more detailed, when people land on it make sure they definitely understand that we can get your brand on page 1 of Google, so I…

  • The Part that Matters is YOU | MISUMI
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    The Part that Matters is YOU | MISUMI

    MISUMI is a Global and Manufacturing Distribution company headquartered out of Japan. We’ve been around for 60 years. MISUMI is a Manufacturer and Distributor of configurable components. Made to order components online. Sold in the factory automation industry. We have an unbelievable variety of parts. We can make it any size, any spec, any length, any color. Customers like Tesla, Panasonic, Denso, Aisin, Hitatchi, large companies that come to us. We make sure that they can get the highest quality, lowest cost, in the quickest time. We work really well with both the engineer who is experienced in what they’re doing to the marketing and purchasing professional all the way…