• Fox & Friends Can’t Say SERVER | The Daily Show
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    Fox & Friends Can’t Say SERVER | The Daily Show

    The password is: server. What brought things different… Changed the component was that the conversation the president had was stored in a super secret separate computer. And that’s where they put the Putin conversation, which was a couple of days later, and I believe a Saudi Arabian leader conversation as well. And so that’s why Democrats now wanna look at those conversations, because it was all placed in that place in that super secret gizmo computer. A repository.

  • Crazy Rich Nation | The Daily Show
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    Crazy Rich Nation | The Daily Show

    male announcer: From Comedy Central’sWorld News Headquarters in New York…“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” presents:[boisterous trap music]♪ ♪“Crazy Rich Nation.”♪ ♪– Robert Kraft. Last month, the billionaire New England Patriots owner was charged with paying for hand jobs at a Florida massage parlor. Well today, he might’ve gotten his happy ending. – Just in, an offer is now on the table for New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who is charged with two counts of solicitation in connection with a South Florida day spa. Prosecutors have offered to drop those charges if Kraft admits he would’ve been found guilty at trial. – This would also include some punishment. It…

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    “Idris Elba as James Bond?” – (Afraid Of The Dark on Netflix) – TREVOR NOAH

    Cause I’ve never been to a place where there were no black people before It actually made me realize… There had been an issue That I’ve been grappling with for so long. And now finally, I had a…. another answer. and that issue…. was that of James Bond. I’m a big fan! of 007. License To Kill. loved it my whole life started with Peirce Brosnan then went back and watched Connery’s, and Lazenby’s, and everyone all the way through to Daniel Craig. and I love… James Bond. and when I found out that Daniel Craig no longer wanted to be James Bond, I was.. I was heartbroken! until I…

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    Trevor Responds to Criticism from the French Ambassador – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

    I wanted to share this little story with you. I got into a little bit of trouble with the French Government. (audience laughing) I know. The French Government. So what happened was, let’s start at the beginning. France won the World Cup. (audience cheering and applauding) And so on the show, we celebrated that and I had this joke where I said, I said Africa won the World Cup. (audience cheering and applauding) Yeah, and I was shocked at how angry a lot of French people got, like genuine, a lot of French people were angry and they were like, “Oh Trevor how can you say this, why would you…

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    Burna Boy – Serving Up Afrofusion with “African Giant” | The Daily Show

    -Nigeria in the house. -Yes, sir. Welcome to the show, my friend. (speaking foreign language) -The, uh… -(cheering) So many accolades have, uh, happened in your life over the past year, year, 18 months, I would say. Hold on. I don’t want to cut you off. I-I have to tell this one, yeah. -Oh, here we go. -Just hold on. This guy is like a legend. ‘Cause I’m from Nigeria, and, like, -I used to spend a lot of time in South Africa, right. -Right. And this must have been 2014, right. I went on this boat thing in Cape Town with some girl, and… (laughter) Yeah. And then, we…

  • Tomi Lahren – Giving a Voice to Conservative America on “Tomi”: The Daily Show
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    Tomi Lahren – Giving a Voice to Conservative America on “Tomi”: The Daily Show

    Please welcome Tomi Lahren. -♪ ♪ -(cheering, applause) Thanks. Thank you. I’m in the lion’s den, Trevor. I am not a lion at all. Is that, like, an African thing? No. Um, welcome to the show. Be-Before we get into it, uh, I-I know who you are, because I-I… my Facebook feed has you in it. Uh, there are a lot of people who don’t, so if you don’t know Tomi Lahren, this is a little taste of her show. The protesters are still out in force, but let’s be honest– they’re not protesters, they’re crybabies with nothing better to do than meander around the streets with their participation trophies…

  • Going Home to South Africa – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show
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    Going Home to South Africa – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

    – Did I do anything fun while I was on vacation? Actually I did. So I went back home to South Africa. Went to check up on… Yeah it was just fun. I went to check on my like, the foundation, went to catch up with my people, and it’s funny, ’cause every time I go home people always shout at me about going home, which is a weird thing. So like, I’ll get home and then at the border, like literally at customs, the woman was like, she’s like, Trevor, when are you coming home? (audience laughs) And I was like, I’m home. She’s like, no, but when are…

  • Fallout from Donald Trump’s P***ygate Scandal: The Daily Show
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    Fallout from Donald Trump’s P***ygate Scandal: The Daily Show

    Um, I don’t know. Uh, what do you guys want to talk about? Uh… Anything interesting happen over the weekend? Breaking news, a newly surfaced video of Donald Trump, uh, talking about groping women. The breaking news here on CNN, Donald Trump apologizing for vulgar comments. We have more breaking news now of Republicans turning against Donald Trump. Breaking news, Donald Trump just moments ago in a hotel right here in the St. Louis area appearing with four of Bill Clinton’s accusers. Breaking news right now, there are growing calls for Trump to step down. Breaking news on a Sunday night, the debate showdown a short time from now… -Crotch.…

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    Footage Surfaces from Bernie Sanders’s 1980s Public Access Show | The Daily Show

    It turns out, 30 years ago, when Bernie Sanders was the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, he hosted a public access TV show. Yeah. And a few days ago, that TV network released the full archives online. And I’m talking hours and hours of pure Bernie gold. Like, there’s so much gold in these archives, Bernie’s gonna demand it gets redistributed to the working class. That’s how much gold there is. And when you start watching this footage, the first thing that’s really apparent is how consistent Bernie has been throughout his life. We have a crisis situation. We are one… we are one of two nations in the industrialized world…