• cPanel Tutorials – Contact Information
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    cPanel Tutorials – Contact Information

    Hello there! This is Ashley, a technical writer with the documentation team at cPanel, the hosting platform of choice. I’m going to show you how to configure your contact information and notification settings for your cPanel account. As a cPanel user, you want to provide this information, because it allows the system to notify you when there is an important event with your account. So what’s an important event? It’s an event such as approaching your account quota limit, if your account information changes, or if an unauthorized user attempts to log into your account. You also need to provide a primary contact address in order to use cPanel’s Reset…

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    Is it gonna work? I don’t think so… WOAH!! What is that?! [Intro] Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! TODAY! Oh yes today! We are … What are we doing ? We are not playing games! I don’t like games anymore! i’m kidding i love video games Today I was looking at my YouTube channel Ladies and Gentlemen I found this video I uploaded this on September 4, 2015 that’s like almost two years ago thats crazy But this video, Ladies and Gentlemen It’s my most viewed video so far! it has 17 point 1 million! ‘MILLION’ that’s a lot of views 😀 and it’s a weird game and…

  • CM Web Software Solution
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    CM Web Software Solution

    CribMaster Web. No, not this. This. Not this. This. CribMaster, CribMaster Web. CM Web knows how many machines you need, where you need them, and helps you manage your inventory on the go. What’s still checked out? Almost out of masks? CM Web lets you know. You’re welcome. Safety glasses replace gloves in use this month. Not in the Paris branch, though. What’s happening there? Let’s make sure to calibrate that torque wrench on time. And let’s not spend half the afternoon looking for the only radius gauge in the plant. Who didn’t turn in that grinder? Clark. Ratcheting wrench? Clark. It’s always Clark. Tired of software installations and upgrade…

  • How to Add Hover Effects to WordPress Using Elementor
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    How to Add Hover Effects to WordPress Using Elementor

    Hi there, today I’m going to show you how to add beautiful hover effects to your WordPress websites, using the free Elementor hover feature. This is a really cool feature that can increase and improve your engagement and design interaction. I’m going to show you, step by step, how I created each of these sections. So let’s go into Elementor and see how it is done. So for the first section, I want to add a color transition so I’ll go to: section>style and under hover, I can choose whatever color I want. I’m going to choose this lighter blue. This way when I hover over it you can see…

  • Create a Minimalist Website Design using Slides Framework
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    Create a Minimalist Website Design using Slides Framework

    Hey everyone today I will show you how to create a minimal style website using slides framework in this video I will explain how to work with the slides app how to use the manual how to use the examples and how to edit the code in less than 30 minutes we’ll create a cool website with good design and animation start by opening the slides app here I will start to build my website by choosing from designs and effects the first thing I will do is switch the background option to white because I want a minimalistic website and don’t need background images and effects I choose the…

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    Top 10 Civil Engineering Websites latest 2019 | Civil Scholar

    Hello everyone this is aravind. In this video we are going to see top civil engineering websites which are very very useful. so lets get started. 1. Basiccivilengineering.com If you want to start with basics of civil engineering, structural engineering and any sub branch then, basiccivilengineering is the best website. It contains plenty of articles on various categories like machinery and equipment used in construction, surveying, structures, soil mechanics etc., 2. theconstructor.org It is the civil engineering site with loads of information on various subjects such as construction management, structural engineering and design, building construction etc., A great feature what I found in this website is HOW TO GUIDE. Here…

  • How to Fix WordPress Issues – CPR for your website
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    How to Fix WordPress Issues – CPR for your website

    Dr. Dr. gave me the news I got a aren’t you glad this is a WordPress channel and not a channel about singing ability because I am a lousy singer I do karaoke sometimes though I’m glad that you join me for this video because I’m going to show you how to do some CPR on your WordPress website if your site is not working right any and everything you’ve been on YouTube you been looking at all the different videos you’ve been googling and you been doing everything he can to fix your WordPress websites I’m been to show you how to give it like one of those things…

  • How To Change The Footer Copyright Credits On Any WordPress Theme – New For 2017
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    How To Change The Footer Copyright Credits On Any WordPress Theme – New For 2017

    Welcome back for another video my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com where I make videos for non-techies like me and in this video I’m gonna show you the fastest and the easiest way to change the footer copyright credit on any WordPress website in it doesn’t matter what theme you’re using now I made a video on this topic about a year ago and if you look on YouTube it has over hundred thousand views on it and that’s because this is a hot topic now with so many free themes that are available for WordPress and commercial claims while these free ones what they do is they make it…

  • Jeff Bezos: The electricity metaphor
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    Jeff Bezos: The electricity metaphor

    When you think about resilience and technology it’s actually much easier. You’re going to see some other speakers today, I already know, who are going to talk about breaking-bones stuff, and, of course, with technology it never is. So it’s very easy, comparatively speaking, to be resilient. I think that, if we look at what happened on the Internet, with such an incredible last half a dozen years, that it’s hard to even get the right analogy for it. A lot of how we decide, how we’re supposed to react to things and what we’re supposed to expect about the future depends on how we bucket things and how we…

  • Top 5 WordPress Plugins and How to Use Them – Weblinx Limited
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    Top 5 WordPress Plugins and How to Use Them – Weblinx Limited

    Hi guys it’s Danny From Weblinx again and as promised in the last video I will show you the top 5 wordpress plugins or the 5 most essential plugins that should be installed on a wordpress blog wordpress has thousands of plugins and the 5 we are going to show we believe they are essential so go to your wordpress site and input your login details for the blog go to the plugins page one of the plugins we think is necessary is askimet this blocks spam from entering your site this is the last thing you need for example you do not want links going out to sites that…