• EAPFoundation.com website overview
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    EAPFoundation.com website overview

    So this video will give you an overview of EAPFoundation.com, some of the main sections and some of the main features. Maybe the most important thing is navigation. And I’ve tried to make this as easy as possible. So you can see the main sections at the top: Writing, Reading, Speaking, Listening and so on. And then down the side there’s a sub-menu where you can get to all the different sections on the website. This is the home page so it has all of the areas on the website. You can see it’s not just the main sections but the sub-sections and so on. So this is the home…

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    how’s it going YouTube Crypto NWO here back at it again with another Dark Web Mystery Unboxing. Here’s the mystery box over here. These are the sides of the boxes, the top of the box. I haven’t seen this in quite a long time.. but we have red tape on the package and now the package is really short my label (is) right over here, I’m just gonna go ahead and cut off the label. Last time I had to blur it because I was so easily noticeable and people were really close to getting my address. I literally just use a Swiss Army to peel off the label directly…

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    How’s going YouTube? it’s Crypto NWO here, back at it again with another video. In today’s video, I’m gonna be going through the dark web camcorder that I got over here in one of my previous videos. If you haven’t checked out that previous video make sure you go ahead and check it out over here. But before we get started, I just wanted to quickly announce that Crypto NWO (this channel over here) has recently hit 30 million views in total. So just to celebrate that I got three $100 Amazon gift cards over here… those are the receipts on the back. I’m gonna be giving two away to…

  • SEO Tutorial | SEO and Anchor Text
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    SEO Tutorial | SEO and Anchor Text

    In this next tip, we�re going to look at �anchor text�. Anchor text is one of the more important on-site SEO factors. So, what is it? Well. Here I�ve got a page on my website and you�ll notice I�ve got a link here. Now the link just simply says �SEO training�. That is the text within the link. So, the anchor text in this case, is �SEO training�. Now what you want to do is to make sure that you pack the anchor text with your useful keyword phrases. Now, this website, which is one of mine, is www.4seotraining.com.au and obviously, this site is all about SEO and training. So,…

  • Library Website Orientation
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    Library Website Orientation

    This is the UIC library website orientation video. This tutorial will cover basic navigation of the library website including: Information for distant students, the main search box, databases, subject and course guides, and contacting a librarian. From the main page of the UIC website, you can access the library by clicking on the library link at the top of the page. This is the library website with a URL of library.uic.edu. If you are a distance student then there is a page of information specifically for you. This page can be found under the “Get more help” option and then by selecting “Distance Student Services”. This page explains that the…

  • Spider Knight & Web Breaker (Fortnite Battle Royale)– Polymer Clay Tutorial
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    Spider Knight & Web Breaker (Fortnite Battle Royale)– Polymer Clay Tutorial

    Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the Spider Knight with Web Breaker from Fortnite. And we will also create the Long Legs Back Bling I forgot that in the intro. For the blueprint I am using the wild card again. You can get it on my website clayclaim.com We start as always with aluminum wire but this time I decided that we are working our way up from the toes to the head and this makes it quite easy when you think which step is next on the skin or on a character to create. Today’s video is brought to you…

  • Top 5 Web Design Trends in 2020
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    Top 5 Web Design Trends in 2020

    2020 is another exciting year for web design as lots of new web technologies have been introduced in this video we are going to talk about five web design trends that going to play important role in this year let’s check it out perhaps the most exciting news for web design this year is WebXR API is now available in Chrome WebXR is the next version of WebVR which now includes all we are an augmented reality devices sensors and controller supports now web developers can create a full immersive experience of virtual reality on their website without worrying about fragmentation of VR headsets and controllers we can expect to…

  • How I Shoot Cooking Videos
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    How I Shoot Cooking Videos

    Welcome back to my vlog. If you’re new to this channel, Nice to meet you. How you doin’ Joking aside, I’m going to make new cooking video with GFX100. I’ve never shot movie with this camera yet. I’m not sure how the footage is gonna look like. Let’s try. This is the first time to use this camera. I have no idea how the footage is gonna look like. But I hope I get a good result. Okay.

  • That one Furry Billionaire V Alien Journalist movie
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    That one Furry Billionaire V Alien Journalist movie

    okay hi I am super nervous to film this video but hopefully it’s good. I love Batman vs Superman and I just have so much like pent-up energy and love for it and I’m just gonna like use this video as an outlet to just let all my love loose. If you don’t know anything about DC Comics that’s totally fine! My target audience for this video are people who don’t know anything about DC Comics. I know majority, if not all, of my audience are not DC fans and so that is why I’m making the video the way it is. Disclaimer I am NOT an expert on DC…

  • 10 Stunning Web Design Ideas You Must See in 2019
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    10 Stunning Web Design Ideas You Must See in 2019

    hello and welcome to red stapler channel in this video we’ll show you the collection of 10 stunning web design ideas in 2019 that you should see and details about technique and library they used ready let’s check it out this one used three.js WebGL library and combined it with custom shader the text and noise images were used to create texture map on plain surface before shader processing writing a game might sound complicated but actually this one is only just a sophisticated checkbox put together with conditions SCSS and Haml were used to help creating logics this one is a clever implementation of SVG radial gradient mask the…