• Why Did Korea Split in to North and South?
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    Why Did Korea Split in to North and South?

    This video is made possible by wix if you ready to create a website head over tosdsd wix.com/go/infograficsccc to tryout one of their premium plan rightnow Relations between North and South Korea have been rather tense for some time. Which might be — an understatement. But this year we saw North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un walked over the border to shake hands with South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-In. Until then, most South Koreans and most of the world, for that matter, saw that North’s head honcho is some kind of evil dictator. After the meeting, some South Koreans referred to him as a cute teddy bear. So, is everything…

  • London and Paris Compared
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    London and Paris Compared

    London and Paris Two of the largest, the most important, most famous, most powerful cities in the world. I mean, they both really are kind of a big deal. London is both the capital and largest city of England and the entire United Kingdom. Paris, is both the capital and largest city of France. Both cities not only dominate the culture of their countries, but dominate the culture of the entire continent of Europe, or even the world, man. In terms of metropolitan areas, London is bigger. The London commuter belt has just over 14 million people, while the Paris metropolitan area has over 12.5 million people. So London is…