• How to Increase Your Search Rankings Without Link Building
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    How to Increase Your Search Rankings Without Link Building

    Link building is hard. I know they say it’s the main way to increase your search engine ranking and it is, but it’s not the only way. Google has over 200 factors that affect our algorithm. Today, I’m going to teach you how to increase your Google rankings without building any links. One of the main factors that affects rankings is click thru rate. If you do a search, let’s say you do a search for dogs. Google notices that everyone’s clicking on the second listing instead of the first listing, what are they going to do? They’re going to flip them around. Why? Because you’re using user signals. These…

  • Spoton.net – Website and digital marketing franchise – Success story
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    Spoton.net – Website and digital marketing franchise – Success story

    it’seeze Hull’s a web design company run by myself and Sarah, we’re based in Hull and we work with businesses in Hull & East Yorkshire creating bespoke websites to help them stand out from their competitors. Nick and Sarah have been working with us for around about a year on our current site, they’re a local company that can offer us fantastic backup support, our site needed refreshing, our web site is a window into what we do. Editing, uploading information news, pictures, it’s all very very straightforward with them. I’ve had previous experience working with other web designers in the city, and I wanted something with the design expertise…

  • 🎮 Web con Emuladores ISOs y Roms para Juegos y Consolas Games Retro
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    🎮 Web con Emuladores ISOs y Roms para Juegos y Consolas Games Retro

    Hello again Infonauta, welcome or welcome to a new delivery of your YouTube channel Infoductiva this time I bring you a web page … a web site that allows us get both emulators for our favorite retro games … console emulators … roms of the games themselves … and even console ISOs … interesting right? We start well this is the site, remember as always that I leave the link in the description and basically as you see here, I will not translate the page but hey, here it basically allows me to go to the page The main one we are seeing … here we can access the rooms…

  • Aimtell: Web Push Notification Dashboard Overview
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    Aimtell: Web Push Notification Dashboard Overview

    Aimtell’s dashboard gives you one central location to view all important analytics from your website the dashboard can be found on the top left-hand corner once you’ve logged in once you’re in the dashboard you can view any certain section of analytics and break it down by a certain date range or filter in this case we’re going to view all new subscribers that have come between the date ranges provided once you have selected your criteria you simply click update dashboard here you’ll see a chart which displays this information so we can see that we’ve had 60 through new subscribers to this website that we’re currently viewing on…

  • ANNE+ | Season 1 | Episode 2 | ANNE+JANNA
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    ANNE+ | Season 1 | Episode 2 | ANNE+JANNA

    Joe! -Hello! Hello. – Hello darling, oh watch out for the cactus. Thanks! Hmm, pretty – How’s your eye? –Oh it’s much worse than you told me… Yeah… we are not going to talk about it. – Well the moving squad is here! What can we do? Definitely not like this… -A fat red ass. Guess who I saw this morning? Janna. No. Lily. -Oh Lily! Aw, how is she? Well, pretty good, I think… …she looks amazing and… she has a new girlfriend. She’s really pretty. Why were you so convinced it was Janna? I saw her the other day. She’s dating Maya now. Your ex Maya? -Yes. Well…

  • reading wrap up | june 2019
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    reading wrap up | june 2019

    Hi guys, it’s Laurel Ann. I’ve been filming for ten seconds and I’m already distracted. It’s July which, aside from being terrifying, means that it’s time for a June wrap-up. We all know what a wrap-up is, so I’m just gonna start talking. The first book I finished in June was Things in Jars by Jess Kidd. This is set in sort of Victorian London, and it’s about a lady detective named Bridie Devine who is hired to find a missing child named Christabel, who is said to have strange physical features and mysterious abilities. This sends Bridie into the dark world of circuses and freak shows and anatomy collectors.…

  • Episode 31   By What Authority Pt 1
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    Episode 31 By What Authority Pt 1

    If you didn’t watch the last two weeks’ episodes in which we answered, “What Is The Church Of Christ?”, I want to encourage you to go to our Youtube channel, find those two episodes. It’s actually there that you can find all of our past episodes. But watch those two while we give you the answer that the church of Christ is simply the body of Jesus, the group that has been added to Him through obedience, and that look to Jesus as being the Head of His church of which He is the Savior, subjecting ourselves to Him. Now, when we talk about the church, the question will naturally…

  • How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue
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    How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue

    Hey there, welcome to WPBbeginner and thanks for tuning in. In this video I’m gonna show you how you can fix the WordPress not sending emails issue. If you use a form on your site, say like gravity forms or WPForms then you need to rely on your website for sending emails and a lot of times if your site isn’t sending emails it’s because you’re hosting provider they don’t have the PHP mail function turned on on the server and that’s ok we actually recommend that you use SMTP for sending email that is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and its the industry standard for sending emails. To get…

  • How Far is Too Far? | The Age of A.I.
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    How Far is Too Far? | The Age of A.I.

    Welcome to YouTube Original Stages, once home to Howard Hughes’s Spruce Goose assembly hangar, and home to much of the firstIron Man,filmed 12 years ago. Many happy memories here. And speaking of taking a look back… Technology. It’s advancing faster and taking less time to be widely adopted than ever before, like as in it took roughly 10,000 years to go from writing to printing press, but only about 500 more to get to email. Now it seems we’re at the dawn of a new age, the age of A.I… Artificial Intelligence. Please define. [automated voice speaking] Uh-huh, okay. There you have it. What does it mean? I don’t know.…

  • How to zoom in and out on a website
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    How to zoom in and out on a website

    Hi! This is Dave with elder tree and one of the questions that I received the last couple days since we put the new update on the site is asking about how I you can control the size of the tax and we where is that text resize by and for the time being we don’t have that text resize button on the site we’re working on improving it by you can control the size your taxed by using the control key on your keyboard which is the Ctrl key needs to the right I’ll spacebar and if you hold that down and then at the same time push the…