• Sketch Tutorial: HTML and CSS Website Design Course
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    Sketch Tutorial: HTML and CSS Website Design Course

    Hey, I’m Hunter from Skillthrive and in this course you’ll learn how to design a simple landing page in Sketch and then take that design to the web–creating a responsive site with basic HTML and CSS. As a bonus you’ll also learn how to create a pulse effect with animated CSS box-shadows and how to use Jquery to make a button play and unmute a video with an on-click event. The course files–including the final Sketch and code–are available to download at Skillthrive.com under the Download tab. All you have to do is become a free member to get instant access to this course and all of our current free…

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    How to Monetize Your Website Profitably in 2020💡 (Hint: Not With AdSense)

    – Whenever you see an advertisement for a service that is offering you the ability to build an online business in just a few steps, and then start making money almost immediately, does it seem just a little too good to be true? It should. Hello, I’m Paul Buckingham, roving ambassador for Solo Build It!. In the first of a revealing series featuring real life stories from everyday people with financially successful online businesses, we begin to demonstrate the realities of making money on the web. – Google Ads for grammar are very, very cheap. You get part of a cent for each click. – You’ll learn from real people,…

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    How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts in WordPress

    Do you need to create a separate page for all your blog posts on your site? Well keep watching in this video I’ll walk you through how to create a separate page for blog posts in WordPress. By default when you first install WordPress all of your blog posts are automatically added to your home page but a lot of people want to create a home page that is a welcoming page. Something static meaning something that every visitor that comes through their site will see and they want to move all of their blog posts to something like blog so when you click on blog it has all your…

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    Parenting With Authority :: Always Mean What You Say :: By Jim & Kendra Tierney

    Good evening everyone. It’s time to get started. It’s my pleasure to introduce our speakers tonight. The wife and husband team of Kendra and Jim Tierney. Kendra attended the University of Southern California, feel free to boo now, where she earned two bachelor’s degrees, in both English and Comparative Literature. She was also a Division I athlete, and she excelled in two different sports, both track and field and cross country, she was the USC Scholar Athlete of the Year, the that you were a career as a civilian flight instructor when she found that in a single job boring so she went on to hold four jobs that she…

  • Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 192
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    Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 192

    Adam: We are live on Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is episode 192. I’m Adam. I am not drunk or on drugs, I’m just really excited to be here. Yeah, we got that on our way. Chris: Liar. You’re a liar, Adam. Adam: No. Because now I’m on the West Coast, so my schedules are all out of whack. So right after we get done here, I head out the door, beat the traffic, and go for a run out in the hills and then come back. Bradley: Yeah. That’s his running in the woods that he always talks about. Adam: Running. Bradley: Right. Adam: I’m…

  • Fairfax County’s Economic Development Authority
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    Fairfax County’s Economic Development Authority

    but for those of us or are you familiar with the fairfax county economic development authority can you tell us what it is in what’s on that well the fairfax county board of supervisors funds the economic development party to the tune of about seven million dollars a year and the reason they do that is because in about to flourish of the general fund from which the board of supervisors provide public services comes from realistic to expect which has two components residential and commercial in order to reduce the tax rate for residents which had historically been quite high and of itself really love nineteen ninety two cents…

  • Authority Marketing | How to Promote Your Business With Expert Marketing | KickFire Marketing
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    Authority Marketing | How to Promote Your Business With Expert Marketing | KickFire Marketing

    Hello, welcome to KickFire Marketing. I’m Janelle Page, marketing strategist and today I’m going to be teaching you how you can grow your business or promote yourself through authority marketing. Now authority marketing is simply establishing yourself as the expert in your field or industry, because let’s face it, people want to do business with those that they know they can trust. We know that’s number one. Number two is the best. I mean if I’m going to pay for a service, if I’m going to pay for it anyways, I want to pay for someone who’s dang good. So let’s start with some of the foundations of authority marketing…

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    LWTech Library – Authority – Fall 2017

    In the final video of today I am going to describe a little bit and maybe it might be a little messy because I don’t have a script for this video something about authority and something about how to figure out if a source that I’m looking at is worthwhile or not and I’m also going to be very, very concise and very, very direct about thinking about materials if that makes sense the information that we get exposed to could be coming from any publisher it could be coming from any author and it’s really up to us as individuals in our research process to think about what makes…

  • Federalism as a Check on Executive Authority [2017 Annual Texas Chapters Conference]
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    Federalism as a Check on Executive Authority [2017 Annual Texas Chapters Conference]

    Uh, it’s my pleasure and honor, to, uh, moderate our last panel of the day today, thank you for hanging around. I think Leif is correct, that we’ve saved the best for last. Uh, before taking office as governor in 2015, Greg Abbott served three terms, twelve years, as Texas attorney general. Half of his time as AG overlapped with the first three quarters of the Obama administration, and countless times during those six years, General Abbott described his typical work day like this: “I go to work, I sue the federal government, and I go home.” (laughter) That’s only a slight exaggeration. The type of litigation General Abbott filed…

  • Will I Lose Content Changing my WordPress Theme?
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    Will I Lose Content Changing my WordPress Theme?

    Hey y’all welcome to another WordPress Wednesday! My name is Kori Ashton here in San Antonio, Texas. It is another great day to talk about WordPress nerdy stuff. As most of you know though I gotta give a shout out to my Seahawks because they’re doing okay this season. Alright lets get right to it, y’all. I got a great comment today off of our YouTube channel and this is a way that you can get your questions answered just by commenting on one of our videos or maybe sending us a tweet. Pamela here says, “Thank you great themes when changing from one theme to the next, what happens…