• ASP.NET Tutorial – 07 – Web Controls
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    ASP.NET Tutorial – 07 – Web Controls

    The web server controls are similar to the HTML controls in many ways, however they may represent more complex elements, instead of mapping directly to existing HTML tags. To see a list of them we can bring up the Toolbox in Visual Studio and expand the standard controls. As we can see ASP.NET has a large number of web controls available. To add one we can simply drag and drop the control where we want it placed. Double clicking also works to position it wherever the caret is located. Although this list do contain some rich controls such as the calendar, it seems as first glance that many of the…

  • How to add a Web Panel
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    How to add a Web Panel

    Here’s how to add a new Web Panel in Vivaldi To get started, expand the main Panel by clicking the Show Panel toggle in the Status Bar. In the expanded view, you’ll now see icons for your Bookmarks, Downloads, and Notes. Below that, there is a “plus” sign which can be used to add new Web Panels. Click this plus sign, enter the URL for the site you’d like to add, and hit Enter. Your new panel is live – and will be ready for you whenever you relaunch the browser or open a new window. Web Panels are a great way to keep up with social feeds and messenger…

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    hey guys today I’ll be sharing the best websites to watch for free I left all the sites in the bottom if you know a good website I haven’t mentioned feel free to share it in the comments so more people could find out about it alright so head over to your browser the first website is called name some of you may have heard about this website lots of people on YouTube tend to be sponsored by it to promote the website itself marketing tactics it allows you to watch for free and although there are some ads on the website there isn’t a lot of them so here’s…

  • The Man Who Invented The World Wide Web Has Mixed Feelings About What The Internet Has Become | TIME
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    The Man Who Invented The World Wide Web Has Mixed Feelings About What The Internet Has Become | TIME

    Thirty years ago, I Submitted a vague but exciting proposal for a free open permissionless space for all of humanity to share knowledge and ideas Today half the world’s population is still unconnected and Those of us who are online feel that our rights and freedoms are Not fully protected and respected the fight for the web we want is one of the most important causes of our time the web foundation is collaboratively building a Contract for the web Bringing government’s companies and citizens together to commit to building a better web

  • The Companion Web | Internet Explorer
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    The Companion Web | Internet Explorer

    Right now, the birth rate of mobile devices is five times the birth rate of humans. Think about that. For every human that enters the world, five mobile devices are made. And that’s just mobile. Now think about all the other devices in our lives, and how they are increasingly connected to the internet. OK, despite all of this, the way we think about the internet really hasn’t changed much. We still build for the web one device at a time. But why should we? The web isn’t tethered to our devices, it’s our companion, with us everywhere we go. So what happens when we stop building for what we…

  • The Part that Matters is YOU | MISUMI
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    The Part that Matters is YOU | MISUMI

    MISUMI is a Global and Manufacturing Distribution company headquartered out of Japan. We’ve been around for 60 years. MISUMI is a Manufacturer and Distributor of configurable components. Made to order components online. Sold in the factory automation industry. We have an unbelievable variety of parts. We can make it any size, any spec, any length, any color. Customers like Tesla, Panasonic, Denso, Aisin, Hitatchi, large companies that come to us. We make sure that they can get the highest quality, lowest cost, in the quickest time. We work really well with both the engineer who is experienced in what they’re doing to the marketing and purchasing professional all the way…

  • The dark web | Alan Pearce | TEDxBrighton
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    The dark web | Alan Pearce | TEDxBrighton

    Translator: Walter Wekkesser Reviewer: Denise RQ Hello. Alright, deep web. What is the deep web? Actually, it is the hidden part of the Internet; I could go into more detail, no time, but let’s just say – but actually is as dull as dishwater, most of it – the hidden part of the Internet is the kind of place where if you want to be anonymous, you most certainly can, but, in many ways, we are looking at a parallel universe, we are looking at an alternative Internet, a place where people communicate secretly and securely away from the prying eyes of governments. At this level of the deep web,…

  • The Web We Want: An Open Letter
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    The Web We Want: An Open Letter

    I am not a data point to be bought and sold. I am not a threat. Why are my baby pictures under surveillance? My identity is mine. You don’t own it. I am a citizen. Who lives in the world and on the web. I need rights. Rights I can understand. I need technology I can trust from people who respect me. I’m grateful for what you’ve given the world and scared of how powerful you’ve become. Remember to put me first! Balance commercial profit and public benefit. Keep the web free and open. Give me the tools I need to build the future I dream. The internet is our…