• The Website is Down #1: Sales Guy vs. Web Dude
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    The Website is Down #1: Sales Guy vs. Web Dude

    Come on you little bitches, let’s go. That’s right, oh, snap… Oh, not now. Oh you so suck… Oh come on, oh… Fuck! Hello? Web dude this is Chip at sales, what’s up man? Nothing, I’m working. What’s umm, what’s going on? Hey, you uh, you here in building 3? Yeah, I’m in building three. Well why do I have to call an outside number to get to your desk? Look, I don’t want to get into an IP telephony conversation with you right now… You pee telephony? Ha, I pee urine. That’s a… That’s a good one. All right, so look dude, we’ve got problems. The website’s down. I’m…

  • How to shut down a website
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    How to shut down a website

    – After the horrific shooting in El Paso, a small barely moderated forum became the center of attention. – 8chan. – After 8chan. – I mean it was on 8chan. – A site 8chan. – The killer posted a rambling essay on 8chan, laying out his hate fueled motives. And it wasn’t the first time this had happened either. Since it’s launch in 2013, 8chan has become known as a place where hate can thrive. Even it’s founder has said we’d be better off if the site just disappeared. And any company that works with 8chan is under pressure to kick it offline. But how do you take a site…

  • These Are The Best Video Hosting Blockchain Platforms | EP#36
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    These Are The Best Video Hosting Blockchain Platforms | EP#36

    Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we’re going to be looking at the main video hosting platforms that I use for blockchain and the ones that are somewhat integrated with blockchain I won’t really touch on them that much because we’re really just gonna be focusing on the blockchain alternatives but yeah so let’s dive into it and also my next video I’ll be talking about Bitcoin cerium and how I hope that they’re gonna decouple since we theorems really catching up to Bitcoin in terms of the market cap I’m really interested to see on that place that I’ll be talking about that tomorrow and where I think…

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    Building the perfect Proxmox VE server

    Hi everybody and welcome to today’s video episode of Bernardo’s Tech Blog. Today I’m going to demonstrate how you can build a perfect server for running Proxmox Virtualization Environment, otherwise known as Proxmox VE. Just in case you don’t already know what that is, Proxmox is basically a hypervisor. It is built on Debian Linux and it includes two different virtualization technologies namely KVM and OpenVZ, and then it puts on a fantastic web-based administration interface. So you can use this system to host virtual servers or virtual machines. Now the title this video is a little bit misleading there’s really no such thing as a universally perfect server. Everybody’s…

  • Node.js: JavaScript on the Server
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    Node.js: JavaScript on the Server

    >> So hello, everybody. I have to say, there’s a lot of people coming here. It looks like Ryan here is very controversial. It’s a pleasure to have him here. He’s actually the author of node.js. Just out of curiosity, how many of you guys have heard about it? Yes, the first time I heard about node.js I said, “What a crazy guy. Why would he try to put JavaScript on a server when everybody is trying to put Java on the client?” But, you know, since then I have seen the light and it’s quite interesting and amazing stuff. So I’m very excited to have him here. So Ryan…

  • Without Amazon, most of the internet disappears
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    Without Amazon, most of the internet disappears

    So when you think of Amazon, you probably think of this ugly website or maybe Amazon buying Whole Foods and making avocados cheaper. But Amazon also sits behind a huge portion of the internet. It dominates the server side computers that make the internet work. Right now, you’re probably watching this video on a computer or a phone. But when you click “play,” it isn’t just your computer that’s doing the work. There’s another computer somewhere out there in the world that’s sending the video to you, playing it along with you from hundreds of miles away. And a lot of those computers are run by Amazon. Most people online…

  • The Extreme Physics Pushing Moore’s Law to the Next Level
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    The Extreme Physics Pushing Moore’s Law to the Next Level

    We’re suiting up to take you inside a clean room that’s building an engineering marvel that’ll push the entire electronics industry to the next frontier. They’re both amazing machines and scary machines. There’s an enormous amount of complexity with them. There’s an enormous number of things that can potentially go wrong. It’s something that you don’t necessarily sleep well at night, just having the machine on your floor. It’s about the size of a school bus, weighing over 180,000 kilograms, with over 100,000 parts, and 3,000 interlocking cables. Pop the hood and you’ll see lasers shooting tiny droplets of tin, generating plasma that’ll get collected and reflected by a series of mirrors,…

  • Meet Our Experts – Wasif Afaghan on Cloud Computing
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    Meet Our Experts – Wasif Afaghan on Cloud Computing

    Whilst cloud has been around for a long time, the market trend show us that cloud adoption is increasing year on year and is going to continue to grow. So it’s estimated that 75% of organisations are going to adopt a multi cloud or hybrid cloud model. Significantly, the hybrid cloud spend is going to increase year on year exponentially from 2019 to 2022. The vast majority of that growth is going to come from public cloud. If we start to analyse the reasons of why that’s the case, the main driver is digital transformation. So ultimately a lot of people saw IT as a function that just keeps the…

  • HEARTBROKEN… NCIX YouTube Channel
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    HEARTBROKEN… NCIX YouTube Channel

    If you’ve been watching the WAN show recently, you might have noticed that we’ve been building a new set here in the studio, and it is not because we just love manual labour, we are expanding our content lineup, which in regular speak means, we are making a new show. It will run Monday, Wednesday, Friday-ish, and it’ll cover STEM news in a fun and rapid-fire manner. All we need now, is someone who’s got time to host it. “Got some free time?” “No, get out of here!” “Do you want to be a video host?” “Why are you in my office?” “Dolton, coltie baby in the coldster!” wth “What’s…