• Blue’s Clues: The Search for the New Host & Best Friend! ?️ | Nick
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    Blue’s Clues: The Search for the New Host & Best Friend! ?️ | Nick

    [music playing] We are trying to find the new host for Blue’s Clues. Best friend of Blue, somebody who can connect to the camera and be the new voice for the new generation. We have over 1000 people have come today to try out for Blue’s Clues. It’s like our own American Idol and even 100 people are allowed to come in and just walk on and try out. – Milk! – Yes, yes, yes! – Blue’s Clues! – Blue’s Clues! Blue’s Clues! [music playing] This is exciting! We want someone genuine and authentic and real who respects kids. The new person really becomes part of the family and so…

  • Goodbye Silicon! Your Next Computer Chip Could Be Made of Gallium Oxide
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    Goodbye Silicon! Your Next Computer Chip Could Be Made of Gallium Oxide

    Sending astronauts to space used to take a computer the size of a washing machine. Now? That same computational might can be packed into something as small as an iPad! But as we aim for smaller devices, we’re hitting a threshold…our current materials and techniques may not allow us to continue to progress at this pace. Because of this we’re being pushed in new and exciting directions, like innovating the very stuff computers are made of: goodbye silicon, hello gallium oxide. Traditionally, computer chips have been made out of silicon–hence the name ‘silicon valley’. A computer chip transistor needs to be conductive, because it needs to be able to pass…

  • Domain of Function Part 1
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    Domain of Function Part 1

    >>This is your Math Gal Julie Harland. Please visit my website at YourMathGal.com where all of my videos are organized by topic. In this video, you’re going to learn how to find the domain of functions that are given using function notation such as the four you see right here. So here’s the first one. State the domain of F of X equals 5X2 minus 7X. Basically, the question is what are the values that you can replace X with so that you got a real number. And there’s actually no restrictions here. You could put any number in for X and plug it in and you’ll get a real…

  • Setup Minecraft Server Explained By a Programmer
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    Setup Minecraft Server Explained By a Programmer

    hello everyone my name is zero Upton welcome to my Channel today we are going to learn how to set up a minecraft server now there’s two ways that you could do it you could set up a minecraft server with and without mods and basically I’m going to be explaining a little bit behind more of the technical aspect of how program reviews setting up a server so step number one in setting up a server is that you have to have a server to set up you have to have some type of game that you want or other servers such as a website or other such connections…

  • Did Google Just Achieve ‘Quantum Supremacy’?
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    Did Google Just Achieve ‘Quantum Supremacy’?

    Quantum computers are on the horizon, and they’ve been stuck there for quite some time. All the theoretical advantages they promise over classical computers, like speeding up drug development, helping to manufacture room temperature superconductors, and cracking encryption remain just that: theoretical. However, a leaked paper from Google claims that for the first time a quantum computer used its unique quantum properties to absolutely dominate a classical computer in a specific task, demonstrating what’s known as “quantum supremacy.” The paper was posted in September of 2019 on NASA’s website, since NASA and Google are collaborating on the project. Almost as suddenly as it appeared, it was taken down again. But…

  • Are Those Your Lips or Feet? How Your Brain Rewires Itself After Amputation
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    Are Those Your Lips or Feet? How Your Brain Rewires Itself After Amputation

    Even though it looks like a random, bumpy mess, your brain is incredibly organized. Your brain has its own version of google maps for navigating the world around it — but just how flexible are these maps to changes? Every sound you can hear or touch you can feel is because neurons in a specific part of your brain are firing. Our brains are organized “topographically”so that we can keep track of where things are happening, … that means we can tell the difference between a touch on the arm or a touch on the face. By observing people’s brains in different imaging machines, neuroscientists have largely mapped out touch,…

  • Career changer: computing trainee teacher
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    Career changer: computing trainee teacher

    I am training to teach as a computing teacher. School Direct, as well, so directly in the school. Since 2009 I’ve been an IT project manager for Hampshire County Council, for the University of Southampton, and for the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine up in London. I’ve always really enjoyed it, but I think I got to the point where I’d approached training to teach two times before, but both of those times it was just financially impossible. It was once I realised that they offered bursaries that it made it an opportunity for me to look into further. The first two days of teacher training were inset…

  • How Did Science Get Neanderthals So Wrong?
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    How Did Science Get Neanderthals So Wrong?

    Let’s be real, guys, Neanderthals get a bad rap. We think of them as primitive and less developed than us humans with our smooth brow bones and tall posture. But the field of hominid development has been telling us for some time now that this is probably pretty far from the truth. And new research tells us that Neanderthals could have been…just as sophisticated as humans! Why have we been wrong for so long? A lot of our prejudices about neanderthals come from our somewhat mistaken interpretation of the fossil record. When the first neanderthal skeleton was recorded by scientists in the mid 1800s, the conclusion they came to was…

  • Neuromorphic Computing Is a Big Deal for A.I., But What Is It?
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    Neuromorphic Computing Is a Big Deal for A.I., But What Is It?

    We often talk about how traditional computing is reaching its limit–there’s a threshold we can’t move past without making some seriously big changes to the way we structure computers. One of those exciting ways is by making physical computers a little more like human brains. We introduced this concept in more detail here, but a quick recap: this kind of computing is called neuromorphic computing, which means designing and engineering computer chips that use the same physics of computation used by our own nervous system. This is different from an artificial neural network , which is a program run on a normal computer that mimics the logic of how a…

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    We’re Using Stem Cells to Reverse Baldness and It’s Actually Working

    Some very hairy mice are bringing us another step closer to un-LOCKing a way to regenerate a full head of hair. Did somebody say a pun?! About 50% of men and 25% of women experience at least partial hair loss by the age of 50, whether due to age, medical treatments, or disease. Current options for those looking to reverse this loss include things like medications that may slow hair loss and transplants from hair follicles elsewhere on the body. But neither have the often desired effect of restoring a thick and full volume of hair. Researchers have been optimizing techniques for culturing “hair follicle germs” in a dish for…