• Manage WordPress Files on Google Cloud Platform
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    Manage WordPress Files on Google Cloud Platform

    Hello everyone – it’s Joe from onepagezen.com. And in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to manage your WordPress files… On your Google Cloud Platform installation. So the first thing we’re going to do is install Google Cloud SDK. You can do that at cloud.google.com/sdk And you’re going to click “install for Windows”. And I’m going to click this link here to launch the installer. [clicks on downloaded file link] [clicks “agree”] [clicks “next”] [clicks “next”] [clicks [“install”] And click “install”. [gcloud init launches] Ok – now you see we have the command line here. After waiting a few seconds we’ll be prompted to log in, so we’re…

  • FileZilla Server Tutorial – Setup FTPS (Secure FTP)
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    FileZilla Server Tutorial – Setup FTPS (Secure FTP)

    In previous tutorial we have learned how to setup a quick FTP server but it’s unsecured. So this video, we are going to further customize it by adding the encryption to the connection so we can have a secure connection. First in a FileZilla Server, open the setting head over to FTP over TLS setting Check enable FTPS. To add encryption to our connection, we need a digital certificate if you plan to use your FTP commercially or publicly I recommend you to purchase the certificate from the certificate company. But if you plan to use it for a couple peoples or use it for a friend I recommend you…

  • What Is an SFTP Server?
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    What Is an SFTP Server?

    Hi Erin with ExaVault here. Today we’re answering what is an SFTP server. Too many server solutions out there? We’re here to show you how an SFTP server can provide secure file storage for your business documents. We’ll give you the low down on SFTP servers and go over hosting options so you’ll know all the benefits. First, a quick reminder on servers. A server is a computer that lives on the Internet and allows dozens or hundreds of people to connect to it. A server can store files, allow you to upload and download data, present a website or manage network resources. These are just a few examples. An…

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    Google Cloud FTP Setup with FileZilla

    Hello, everyone its Joe from onepagezen.com and today in this tutorial We’re going to look at how to set up an FTP client to manage our website’s files on Google Cloud platform. Now in this example, we will be using Filezilla as our FTP client and we will also be using Putty as our SSH key generator. So before getting started with this tutorial you should have already installed Filezilla and Putty Key Generator. Now if you haven’t yet downloaded FileZilla or Putty, I’ve included links to websites where you can download both of these applications in the description to this video – so be sure to check those out.…

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    Hyve Managed Hosting SFTP Web Interface – Tutorial

    Hi my name is Jack and today we’re going to be walking through the new SFTP web interface. Once our support engineer set up your SFTP server they’ll also install the new web interface, which allows you to manage your files through a web browser so you can actually view your files, download and even upload new files to the server. Your support engineer will give you a URL which you can access the web application, so head to that first off and we can then enter the details to access your files. So let’s start by logging in. So enter your user name in the field and your secure…