• Web Search: Crash Course AI #17
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    Web Search: Crash Course AI #17

    Hi, I’m Jabril and welcome to Crash Course AI! There used to be a time when a group of friends at dinner could ask a question like “is a hot dog a sandwich?” and it would turn into a basic shouting match with lots of gesturing and hypothetical examples. But now, we have access to a LOT of human knowledge in the palm of our hands… so our friends can look up memes and dictionary definitions and pictures of sandwiches to prove that none of them have a connected bun like hot dogs (disappointed). Search engines are a huge part of modern life. They help us access information, find directions…

  • How to Use a Custom World Seed for Your Minecraft Server
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    How to Use a Custom World Seed for Your Minecraft Server

    hey guys it’s Primescore and today I’m gonna show you how to use a custom seed to generate your server world so let’s say I’m super sick of this minecraft server world and it looks just disgusting and ugly I’m like oh my gosh please give me something better let’s say my friend found an awesome seed that they would that I want to use or I was on minecraft forums over here and I was looking through all these seeds this is an awesome place to find seeds or you can just google awesome minecraft seeds and I saw a seed for my minecraft version I’m running minecraft 1.12…