• Ryan Reynolds Has Had Enough of ‘Frozen’
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    Ryan Reynolds Has Had Enough of ‘Frozen’

    We just got back from the Middle East, from Abu Dhabi. So she’s naturally a little jet-lagged. I bet. So is she good on a plane? She’s pretty good. You know, I mean– That’s a long flight. I carry a blow dart, so [SPITS] you know, she’s– [SPITS] You know, and then I just inhale one for myself. And then I’m out. But no, she’s actually pretty good. You know, she’s into her books and her little, you know, stuff. And yeah, it’s nice. Very nice. We try to keep it kind of of analog. It’s good. Yeah. Yeah, because she’s four. And then you had another one with Blake…

  • Why Jimmy Fallon Seems Fake
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    Why Jimmy Fallon Seems Fake

    Jimmy Fallon hosts the most watched late-night show on television and in an industry where most games, stunts and celebrities are interchangeable, that says a lot about his likability. But Jimmy is not universally adored. A glance at the YouTube comments section shows that some people find him fake and specifically, they think that his laugh is fake. …students, he filled his mouth with artificial blood and he spun back around again he started spitting blood all over the classroom floor all over the students’ textbooks. His tongue was sticking out like a cobra. (Jimmy laughs) In this video, we’re going to explore the thing that might make Jimmy come…