• I made Minecraft Skins based off of Bugs
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    I made Minecraft Skins based off of Bugs

    [James Charles]: Special shout out to… [James Charles]: Beanie! Her name is Beanie. You’re a real one. [Pewdiepie]: Thank you Beanie. [James Charles]: Thank you Beanie, appreciate you girl. [Pewdiepie]: Check- Check out Beanie guys! Hello everyone, Beanie here, and today I’m doing a skin video! Literally, omg, it’s been like… 9 months since I’ve posted a skin video, and 2 years since I’ve posted a real “speed paint” video. Wow, that’s actually insane. But today isn’t just any old speed paint video, it’s a full on CHALLENGE! I’m doing this with one of my good friends, Moondust Bri! Before I start explaining and getting into the video more, I’m…