• RADIUS server – Packet Tracer
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    RADIUS server – Packet Tracer

    How’re we doing, everyone? It’s John again. I’m gonna go quick video on AAA, which is Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. In this video I’m going to do a short video, and configure a RADIUS server. So let’s start. As you can see, the basic topology is quite simple, we’ve got 2 routers here, and a Server up here. They’re all in the same network. The addresses are, 192.168 1.2, and 192.168 1.3 at the top, so let’s kick off, and just check did we actually have connectivity between the devices, so ping, that’s fine, and let’s ping the server. That’s also fine. So the first thing that we…

  • Configure Remote Access on Windows Server 2008 R2
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    Configure Remote Access on Windows Server 2008 R2

    In this section I will look at configuring remote access. Now days with more people working away from the office and even at home, remote access is an important topic to understand. In this video I will first look at the 3 stages that make up a remote connection. It is important to understand these steps to help you troubleshooting network problems. Next I will look at Nat. Nat is a technology that allows one public IP address to be used by many computers. On smaller networks and at home you may however want to consider using internet connection sharing. This is simpler to NAT but requires a dedicated computer…

  • Windows 2012 – Radius server installation
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    Windows 2012 – Radius server installation

    Radius server installation on Windows 2012 The use of windows offers new possibilities to the IT environment of any company. This video will demonstrate how to perform the installation of Radius server on a Windows 2012. Netowrk Diagram Step 02 – Install radius service, Step 02 – Configure radius service, Step 03 – Test radius login In active directory, create a group of authorized users to authenticate using radius. Access the server and perform the installation of the function “Network policy and access service” When finished installing the service, click on the start menu and open the administrative tool named Network policy server. Register your radius server on active directory…