• ALPO Documentary Trailer Released
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    ALPO Documentary Trailer Released

    hey good evening star report special edition Sunday evening breaking news breaking news you see it on the screen the Alpo documentary trailer surfaced today let’s take our time in the words of Funkmaster Flex the big dog streets want this yeah they do let’s not play that game I’m gonna go extra slow for you tonight if you have not seen the trailer go to Vlad TV com feature box watch it call me if you haven’t seen it call me anyway I want to go back back into time you want to go back into time there’s no details from what I could see Alpo in this documentary…

  • Kanye West Jesus Is King Review
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    Kanye West Jesus Is King Review

    okay cloud daddy back on the set gleaming this is the star report I’m your host Troy terrain pka star yes PK a publicly known as star okay anyway okay um I’m gonna take it easy on you tonight yeah the title got some of you shook already look at you I need some Christians on the line tonight I mean some some real Christians I’m not talking about you know little play play Christians huh I’m going there I’m going there Kanye West yay let me jump out the window right now and say yay got focused on you niggas whoa ninth studio album Jesus is king fire fire…

  • Town Hall Meeting On LGBTQ Issues
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    Town Hall Meeting On LGBTQ Issues

    hey good evening star report Friday night Chucky the friend you don’t need that’s me come on in okay I’m not salty I’m not Aggie I’m just a little annoyed and a little bothered you know very bothered I want to talk this evening I’ve got some notes we’ll get to that later we have the lgbtq Town Hall on CNN I just I saw some of it you know just we’re just gonna use their title tonight because it’s trending but the real topic can you defend yourself against transgenders that’s that that’s the real topic tonight all right um also as I said I’m a little annoyed a…

  • Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you’ve never noticed | Roman Mars
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    Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you’ve never noticed | Roman Mars

    I know what you’re thinking: “Why does that guy get to sit down?” That’s because this is radio. (Music) I tell radio stories about design, and I report on all kinds of stories: buildings and toothbrushes, mascots and wayfinding and fonts. My mission is to get people to engage with the design that they care about so they begin to pay attention to all forms of design. When you decode the world with design intent in mind, the world becomes kind of magical. Instead of seeing the broken things, you see all the little bits of genius that anonymous designers have sweated over to make our lives better. And that’s…

  • When did the News Start?
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    When did the News Start?

    Let’s face it: we all have news cycle fatigue. If it’s not struggling to find reliable sources online, then it’s figuring out how to sift through the myriad of competing (and sometimes conflicting) headlines that roll across our TV screens, cell phones and social media accounts. But when did the news, in all of these varied and sundry forms, become integral to our lives? And why do we even follow it? Survival? Desire to help and empathize? Staying informed? Entertainment? Our answers will vary from story to story, but one thing is certain. We live in a culture in which the news has become almost impossible to ignore. Today I’m…

  • Is Jay-Z Right About Single Parent Homes?
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    Is Jay-Z Right About Single Parent Homes?

    Hey good morning this is the star report aka the gun show bang bang on a Monday happy Labor Day let’s start right there happy Labor Day to those of you who are part of the workforce whether you be union or non-union those of you who contribute to this beautiful system here called capitalism in America yes capitalism what a beautiful system it is all right I mean make sure everything is a working cope aesthetic live-chat should be popping let’s get down for the get-down today is a national holiday but at the same time I want to go over some things and I want to pull some…

  • Is Judge Greg Mathis Telling The Truth?
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    Is Judge Greg Mathis Telling The Truth?

    today is the greatest day I’ve ever known can’t live for 2 Mile Road Marla’s much too long hey good evening this is the storm report but you might have to call me old Aggie half-breed tonight yeah it’s just it’s one of those nights I’m not in a bad place but I’m not in a good place all right let me get everything situated and set up my mic sounds nice one two all right all right live chat she’d be working come on in my beautiful troll babies let’s get down for the get-down tonight everybody can get it hashtag no fucks given on a Friday all right…

  • Sofia Carson is Hosting! | The ARDYs | Disney Channel
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    Sofia Carson is Hosting! | The ARDYs | Disney Channel

    I’m Sofia Carson, and I’m hosting “ARDYs”– coming at you live, which means anything can happen. Who knows? Maybe there’ll be fireworks. The biggest Disney stars might show up. Oh. Hey, Meg. Hey, Sofia! What’s up? Just talking about “ARDYs.” Will you be there? – Could happen. – Cool. See ya. Maybe we’ll give new meaning to the word “lit.” Or my biggest fan could be there. There could be the ultimate mic drop. ( vocalizing ) There could be a dance battle. Or the audience excitement might be out of this world. – ( cheering ) – Huh? What? I could reveal that I’m secretly a unicorn. ( whinnying…

  • Is Marriage An Outdated Concept?
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    Is Marriage An Outdated Concept?

    hey good afternoon star report on a Thursday all right I’m feeling good and I’m in the building I want to talk about some things with regards to research and I want to thank you guys first and foremost those of you you know guys who are body builders for reaching out to me making suggestions telling me what to stay away from and don’t start you know juicing too fast and I’ve been listening and paying attention and let me throw something on the table early before we start talking about Carmelo Anthony and the other subtitle is marriage an outdated concept are you up to speed I know…