• Making my First Website in 2 Days!
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    Making my First Website in 2 Days!

    so last week I made a game in only one day now the plan is to turn this into a mobile game and release it for Android and Apple but releasing it for Apple I would need a website which I don’t have so originally I was only going to release it for Android but then hosting or comm hit me up and they were like hey do you need a website and I was like yes I might need a website and just like that I now had a web hosting and the main name provided by hosting her the only thing missing now is the actual website haven’t…

  • Setting Up and Hosting a Domain – COP4813
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    Setting Up and Hosting a Domain – COP4813

    Hello, I’m gonna to take you through this little lecture for COP 4813 which is about registering the domain name. This is one important skills that you need to have as a web developer or website programmer. If you don’t have a place to put these domains or this stuff that your developing for your clients, well, you can only halfway there. So, first, as part of the web programming series of courses and right now web program series of courses Web Systems I, Web Systems II, Database I and Database II, you do need to register a public domain name for this and this domain is going to be…

  • WEB1 – 18. 웹호스팅 : github page
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    WEB1 – 18. 웹호스팅 : github page

    It’s not easy to manage a web server by yourself First you need to have a computer, and it must be turned on 24 hours like a fridge since you don’t know when someone tries to connect to it And you have learn about and install a program called web server And then you need to set it up so that it can be connected to the outside through the Internet It’s not easy So, there are companies who do it for you Each computer connected to the Internet is called a “host” And a service that rents out host computers is called “hosting” And web hosting providers refer to…