• Introduction to the R Statistical Computing Environment
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    Introduction to the R Statistical Computing Environment

    My name is Kerem Ozan Kalkan. I am an Assistant Professor at Eastern Kentucky University. I’m teaching in the Department of Government. My research includes studies on prejudice, political psychology, and race and ethnicity, and also comparative politics as well as methods. I teach Introduction to R Statistical Computing course at ICPSR. R is a open source application of S programming language. It is a statistical software that is once very popular among statisticians, now it is gaining popularity among political scientists too. It is highly flexible, it enables researchers to do their own programming rather than just limiting themselves to canned programs or point [and] click environments. It has…

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    Host Website on GitHub – Bootstrap Website – Web Development 101 – dacade

    Welcome, In this video, we will host our website on GitHub, so everybody can access it. What is github? Github is the largest host of source code in the world. So if programmers write code they often upload it on GitHub, so they have it stored safely and can share it with other people or work with them on the code. But in this video, we won’t give you a detailed explanation of how GitHub works this would take too long, we will do this in a future video. We are using github to host our website because it’s free and it is a service that you will have to…

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    Lecture 0: Introduction – Computing 1 – Richard Buckland UNSW

    I’ve got a series of polls to sort of get you in the frame of mind of thinking like a uni student or thinking like a computer scientist , really the first one comes from something my daughter said this morning as she was looking at the biscuits, and we had lots of those biscuits that were pink with little hundreds and thousands on them and she was marvelling at how many there were and she said: i like them so much I would like – she’s just learning big numbers – i would like twenty thousand of them i said “oh, that’s quite a lot”, she said yes “No,…

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    Jeff Hawkins: How brain science will change computing

    I do two things: I design mobile computers and I study brains. Today’s talk is about brains and — (Audience member cheers) Yay! I have a brain fan out there. (Laughter) If I could have my first slide, you’ll see the title of my talk and my two affiliations. So what I’m going to talk about is why we don’t have a good brain theory, why it is important that we should develop one and what we can do about it. I’ll try to do all that in 20 minutes. I have two affiliations. Most of you know me from my Palm and Handspring days, but I also run a…

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    GitHub OctoTales • Epic Games

    Back in the early days, when I started programming, you’d get these programming magazines, and they’d have little sample programs that you could type in, and understand the operation of the program. That was followed by 20 years of dark ages for most of the game industry, where there are lots of games shipping, but very little source that you could download, and understand, yourself. I think that’s finally opening up again, with us releasing the Unreal Engine 4 source code. ♪ (music) ♪ So I was two years into college, I’d been programming for about 10 years, writing all sorts of things. I wrote a game for the original…

  • .NET Conf 2019 Teaser
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    .NET Conf 2019 Teaser

    >>On this episode of ON.NET we’re going to cover all things.NET Conf with.>>Beth Massi. [MUSIC]>>Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of ON.NET. I am not Richard Lander. I’m [inaudible] , and today we’re here with Beth Massi.>>Hey, Gomez, is great to have you interviewing me.>>We want to have the women who actually produce.NET Conf, talking about.NET Conf.>>Exactly. I mean we are behind the scenes of this entire show, right?>>Yeah.>>So we want to get ON.NET here and give you guys a little sneak peek of what we’re planning.>>So let’s start at the beginning, what year are we on right now for.NET Conf How many years have we done this.>>This will…

  • Making my First Website in 2 Days!
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    Making my First Website in 2 Days!

    so last week I made a game in only one day now the plan is to turn this into a mobile game and release it for Android and Apple but releasing it for Apple I would need a website which I don’t have so originally I was only going to release it for Android but then hosting or comm hit me up and they were like hey do you need a website and I was like yes I might need a website and just like that I now had a web hosting and the main name provided by hosting her the only thing missing now is the actual website haven’t…

  • Setting Up and Hosting a Domain – COP4813
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    Setting Up and Hosting a Domain – COP4813

    Hello, I’m gonna to take you through this little lecture for COP 4813 which is about registering the domain name. This is one important skills that you need to have as a web developer or website programmer. If you don’t have a place to put these domains or this stuff that your developing for your clients, well, you can only halfway there. So, first, as part of the web programming series of courses and right now web program series of courses Web Systems I, Web Systems II, Database I and Database II, you do need to register a public domain name for this and this domain is going to be…

  • WEB1 – 18. 웹호스팅 : github page
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    WEB1 – 18. 웹호스팅 : github page

    It’s not easy to manage a web server by yourself First you need to have a computer, and it must be turned on 24 hours like a fridge since you don’t know when someone tries to connect to it And you have learn about and install a program called web server And then you need to set it up so that it can be connected to the outside through the Internet It’s not easy So, there are companies who do it for you Each computer connected to the Internet is called a “host” And a service that rents out host computers is called “hosting” And web hosting providers refer to…