• Phoebe Waller-Bridge Might Revisit Her Fleabag Character Eventually
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    Phoebe Waller-Bridge Might Revisit Her Fleabag Character Eventually

    -You had a wonderful week. -Yeah, exactly. -The Emmys were just a delight. I was lucky enough to see you right after you won your first one. -Yes. -There was sort of a backstage bar, and I’m standing with Bill Hader, and you came in the room, and everybody’s very happy for you. And Bill said, “How are you?” And you had an Emmy in your hand and you said, “I’m really well.” [ Laughter ] And I thought that was a very honest yet also very British way of responding to how… -“Very well, thank you.” -…your night had been going. I mean, obviously, it was beyond your wildest…

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    – People often assume that I am like the character Fleabag, simply because I wrote it. Sexually depraved, foul-mouthed and dangerous, and I always have to say to them, “Yes.” – Emmy-winning “Fleabag” creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge made her “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut this weekend. Of the many hilarious sketches she appeared in, one of the most talked about had to be this parody of the popular British dating show, “Love Island.” – I would like to couple with a guy who’s exactly my type on paper. He’s got tattoos, he’s got really great banter, and he’s proper fit, but at the same time I’d got with anyone. – [Tiffany]…