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    Setup a Web Server (NodeJS) to serve Simple HTML pages

    what’s up y’all this is Hussein Nasser from I geometry and today we’ll learn how to install a web server to serve your HTTP static pages so I picked up nodejs as a web server because it’s it’s it’s the simplest to install really and it has a lot of other functionality but we’re gonna use it today just to serve HTML pages alright so you can use it obviously to do much much more more work but today we’re gonna learn how to sit up no js’ in your Mac or Windows I’m using Mac today but it’s the same exact hopefully just there is a look small differences…

  • Uploading files to GCS (Cloud Storage Bytes)
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    Uploading files to GCS (Cloud Storage Bytes)

    JENNY BROWN: Before you can use the power of the cloud to serve your content, you have to get your data into it. In this episode of “Google Cloud Storage Bytes,” we talk about all the different ways you can upload data. So buckle up, because we’re heading to the cloud. [MUSIC PLAYING] We all know that Google Cloud Storage can serve your binary assets to users worldwide at high speeds and low prices. But before you can do any of that, you’ve got to get your data into Google Cloud Storage, which can be done in a few specific ways. First is the easiest option– using the Google Cloud…

  • [Tutorial] How to run Node.js apps on cPanel
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    [Tutorial] How to run Node.js apps on cPanel

    Hello, This is Jammie from iFastnet. In this tutorial we’re going to setup a nodejs application on cPanel First I enter the file manager and create a folder for my application Now in SSH I run “npm init” command in the folder to create a package.json file for the project I leave the default settings here, you may enter your own project info I choose app.js as the index file of my project the package.json file is created, now I install express.js express.js module is also installed let’s create the index file of our application I copy the hello world example application of express.js into the index file Now we…