• Dockerize Web Server using NGINX and PHP-FPM
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    Dockerize Web Server using NGINX and PHP-FPM

    Hi Welcome. In this video, i’m gonna show you how to dockerize your webserver using nginx and php-fpm. Ok. Assume you already install docker daemon and docker-compose in your system. So, we can be focus with docker-compose file. Let’s me start to configure. For this example, i will place docker-compose file inside of directory /opt and /nginx-php. Okey. Create docker-compose file. Okey, version 3 Service web, I’m using nginx alpine for small container. and Port forwarding, port 80. and i will mount volume public_html, to /public_html and mount also directory conf.d, /etc/nginx/conf.d for nginx virtual host configuration. And set network as nginxphp. For php, i’m using specific image. php-7 alpine…

  • Plone 5.2  Set up virtual hosting Part02
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    Plone 5.2 Set up virtual hosting Part02

    Hello Friends Today I introduce about plone virtual hosting. You had seen in previous video about plone installation And its creation of a new plone site. Now I need to how to do virtual hosting. of URL for changing Now I need to open our plone site which is created earlier. By default port of plone site is 8080 This is something odd. So we want to no need to type 8080 port suffix and only type ip to open the site. or second option to use domain name something like google.com or abc.lan So easily access your site. For this have two type of virtual hosting. First option is…

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    Hosting Plesk Onyx, Linux y Windows, servidores dedicados

    HostDime as a web hosting service provider has found that a large part of the processes carried out in web servers are facilitated to a large scale using user-friendly tools; but before we will tell you how he is, Alex young technical support analyst who receives great number of requests daily, through our customer service channels calls and tickets to optimize your processes Alex researched until he found an excellent tool, Plex Ónyx for build and secure websites and applications in the cloud this platform offers an approach to website development that allows changes to be managed from minute to minute becoming a high performance because it contains what you…

  • How to host a website on any version of Windows in 5 minutes
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    How to host a website on any version of Windows in 5 minutes

    Hey guys its Alex here Today I’m going to be showing you how to host your own website on your Windows machine This process that I’m going to show you is identical on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. In this case I’m going to be using Windows 10 and this is a very simple process that does not require downloading anything from any 3rd party websites So, the first thing you’re going to need to do is simply go to start, and type in features. and you need to enable the internet services for this machine. So scroll down to internet information services right there. If you want…