• Buttigieg’s Shady Secret
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    Buttigieg’s Shady Secret

    >>Pete Buttigieg has a little bit of explaining to do about a number of topics. What we’re gonna focus on today involves his work for McKinsey. This is a global consultancy firm with annual revenues of over $10 billion. He worked there for 2007 to 2010, but that’s as much detail as I can give you about his time there because we don’t know and he’s not talking. Now, why is this a concern? I mean, everybody runs for president has worked a few places, he’s worked at fewer because he’s 23 years old. But, McKinsey has done a number of questionable things and even recently when it comes to…

  • Trump’s Excuse For Skipping Impeachment Hearing
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    Trump’s Excuse For Skipping Impeachment Hearing

    >>Foreign House continues to complain about the so-called unfair process of the impeachment investigation. They feel that they’ve been left out of the hearings, that they haven’t been given the proper opportunity to defend themselves. However, in yet another opportunity to defend themselves, the Trump administration has said that they will not participate In the House Judiciary committees hearing on the impeachment this week. Now it would be very helpful for Trump to participate in this or at least have his lawyers participate, but he explains why he refuses to do so in this next clip. Take a look.>>Why don’t you send one of your lawyers to represent your point…

  • How To Make $300 Per Day With Automated Websites!
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    How To Make $300 Per Day With Automated Websites!

    What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today guys I’m gonna be showing you how you can earn $300 a day or more with completely automatic websites and guys the best part about this is you’re not gonna need to know anything about building websites editing them coding anything guys because these websites are gonna be completely built out for us but once you get these websites guys you’re not gonna need to do any more work because like I said these websites are gonna be fully automatic so they’re gonna bring us in money…

  • KFI Reports – City Council to use eminent domain to buy land in Manchester Square
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    KFI Reports – City Council to use eminent domain to buy land in Manchester Square

    The LA City Council’s given the okay for the use of eminent domain and acquiring the final properties that would allow LAX to expand. As of June nearly $400 million dollars have been spent to buy more than 500 properties in Manchester Square. Thirty more have since agreed to selling their properties leaving only seven. The council says they would continue to negotiate but voted yesterday to take the land for public purposes as a fallback in case a sale agreement couldn’t be reached. Some of the remaining home owners say the eminent domain is good because it forces another assessment on their property instead of relying on a value…

  • How to shut down a website
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    How to shut down a website

    – After the horrific shooting in El Paso, a small barely moderated forum became the center of attention. – 8chan. – After 8chan. – I mean it was on 8chan. – A site 8chan. – The killer posted a rambling essay on 8chan, laying out his hate fueled motives. And it wasn’t the first time this had happened either. Since it’s launch in 2013, 8chan has become known as a place where hate can thrive. Even it’s founder has said we’d be better off if the site just disappeared. And any company that works with 8chan is under pressure to kick it offline. But how do you take a site…

  • Sports News WordPress Theme
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    Sports News WordPress Theme

    Bulletin! Editorials!! If you are somewhat associated with these words then this is your port of call. This video is about sports news. A stylish blog and magazine WordPress theme crafted for sports news magazines, sports enthusiasts, sports journalism, sports news channels and reporters or any sports news related website. The theme is fully customized and suitable for any sports news reporter. Each sports organizations required a convenient WordPress theme to share their league fixtures, schedules, latest scores, latest news and discuss past game matches. They can quickly pick the template and build their online sports news website. Create a perfect sports news website with this power pack theme. Add…

  • Brad Pitt in The Room [DeepFake]
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    Brad Pitt in The Room [DeepFake]

    – Hi. – Can I help you? Yeah. Can I have a dozen red roses, please? Oh, hi, Johnny. I didn’t know it was you. – Here you go. – That’s me. How much is it? – It’ll be $18. – Here you go. Keep the change. – Hi, doggy. – You’re my favourite customer. – Thanks a lot. Bye. – Bye-bye. Hi, babe. These are for you. Thanks, honey. They’re beautiful. – Did you get your promotion? – Nah. You didn’t get it, did you? That son of a bitch told me that I would get it within three months. I saved them bundles. They’re crazy. I don’t think…