• SQL Server interview question  :- What is use of Coalesce and ISNULL ( SQL Server training)?
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    SQL Server interview question :- What is use of Coalesce and ISNULL ( SQL Server training)?

    In this video will try to understand what exactly is the use of ISNULL function and what is the use of Coalesce function Let me pronounce again coalesce I am not sure that if that pronounciation is right but english is my second language In case it is not right I am extremely sorry for that In this video we will try to demonstrate ISNULL and Coalesce function First start with ISNULL In order to demonstrate the ISNULL function I have created a very simple table here The table name is tblPerson and it has two columns first name and surname and if you go and fire select query over…

  • Deploying Microsoft SQL Server to Google Compute Engine
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    Deploying Microsoft SQL Server to Google Compute Engine

    In this Cloud Minute, I want to show you how to deploy Microsoft SQL Server on a Google Compute Engine instance. In Google Cloud Developer Console Go to Compute Engine and create an instance Give it a name, select its zone and then machine type For boot disk, choose one of the SQL Server images provided And hit create Once the instance is ready You can create a Windows user and password and remote desktop into it like any other Windows instance Once logged in You can use SQL Server Management Studio to connect and manage the SQL Server instance You can check out the links in the description of…

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    SQL Server interview training :-What are triggers , inserted and deleted tables ?

    In this video will talk about what exactly are triggers, and in what scenario we should be using them While we do that will talk about two important types of tables one is called as inserted table and the other one is called as deleted table Will talk about two different kinds of triggers i.e called as the Instead of trigger and the After trigger Triggers are logic like stored procedures which can be executed before the updation happens on a table or after the updation happens on a table If you want to execute pre processing or post processing logic after the updation or before the updation you can…

  • .NET Conf 2019 Teaser
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    .NET Conf 2019 Teaser

    >>On this episode of ON.NET we’re going to cover all things.NET Conf with.>>Beth Massi. [MUSIC]>>Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of ON.NET. I am not Richard Lander. I’m [inaudible] , and today we’re here with Beth Massi.>>Hey, Gomez, is great to have you interviewing me.>>We want to have the women who actually produce.NET Conf, talking about.NET Conf.>>Exactly. I mean we are behind the scenes of this entire show, right?>>Yeah.>>So we want to get ON.NET here and give you guys a little sneak peek of what we’re planning.>>So let’s start at the beginning, what year are we on right now for.NET Conf How many years have we done this.>>This will…

  • How to publish ASP.NET website on internet | FoxLearn
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    How to publish ASP.NET website on internet | FoxLearn

    Welcome to FoxLearn In this tutorial, i will show you how to publish ASP.NET website on internet using visual studio Right click on your website project, then select publish Select IIS, FTP, Web deploy tab, then click publish button to create your publish profile You should create a ftp account in your control panel hosting, then enter server name, site name, user name, password and destination URL finally click the Validate Connection button to verify your connection You should install the certificate, then click the accept button to continue publishing your website to your hosting You can post your question at c-sharpcode website. I’ll try to answer your question as…