• How to Add Extra Worlds to Your Minecraft Server (Multiverse Core)
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    How to Add Extra Worlds to Your Minecraft Server (Multiverse Core)

    hey this is Kieran with Shockbyte and in this video I’ll be teaching you how to setup multiverse core so that you can add multiple worlds to a minecraft server so first you’ll need to install the plugin on your server and you’ll need to make sure that your server is running spigot or craftbukkit and go ahead and install the plugin via FTP we do have a tutorial on this on our channel already so there will be a link to that down in the description below however once you have it installed restart the server just to load the plugin and make sure it’s all working and then…

  • How can computing help us understand The Multiverse?
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    How can computing help us understand The Multiverse?

    In the computer code I’m playing God as it were I am able to create different universes that start off from different initial conditions So this would be equivalent to different physical universes where say speed of light is different or force of gravity is weaker or stronger In our universe we have life, you know we have a lot of beauty and intricate behaviour and emergent forms Is this unusual? The surprising feature of contemporary cosmology and theoretical physics is that our theories seem to predict the existence of the multiverse So let’s take the very simplest idea of a multiverse which is that all configurations all permutations of…

  • Star Size Comparison 2
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    Star Size Comparison 2

    😀 Earth’s Moon Mercury Ganymede Jupiter’s Moon Mars Venus Known as Earth’s sister planet Earth [known as Terra] You are still here! Kepler 10c [Exoplanet] One of the biggest rocky planet ever discovered Exoplanet=a planet orbiting a star outside our solar system Neptune The smallest known gas giant in the solar system Uranus Tilted sideways, also has rings Saturn Not the only planet that has rings 2MASS J0523-1403 Red Dwarf One of the smallest possible stars in the universe Jupiter The biggest gas giant in our solar system Fun Fact: The Great Red Spot is there for 200 years! HD 100546 b One of the biggest possible planets in the…