• Introduction to Cloud Computing | IEEEx on edX | About Video
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    Introduction to Cloud Computing | IEEEx on edX | About Video

    Hi I’m Phil Laplante, Professor of Software and Systems Engineering at Penn State. I’m the author and instructor of the introduction to Cloud Computing course produced by IEEE (that’s the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and edX. You know, there’s a lot of confusion and hype surrounding cloud computing. But the truth is that the basic principles and technologies of cloud have been around for almost 50 years – it’s just that these technologies have matured and become more prevalent, and people are finding new ways to utilize cloud computing to solve all kinds of real problems. I’ll be your guide as you explore various cloud computing service and…

  • FPGA computing systems: A Bird’s Eye View on Reconfigurable Computing (Marco D. Santambrogio)
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    FPGA computing systems: A Bird’s Eye View on Reconfigurable Computing (Marco D. Santambrogio)

    Hi, I do really hope all is great with you! I’m Marco Santambrogio, Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano and today we are going to start together a terrific journey, or if you’d prefer an introductory journey to FPGA-based system design. Technology progress induces paradigm shifts in computing. The invention of the programmable microprocessor in 1974 has resulted in the evolution from the pure hardware-based computing to the software-based computing. Today we are also entering in a new era. An era in which computing systems are no longer seen as monolithic, high performing, power angry, single core systems, an era in which reconfigurable device, such as FPGAs make it possible…

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    Blind Quantum Computing | QuTech Academy

    Another great application of the quantum internet is that it enables secure access to quantum computers in the cloud. So what does that mean? You can imagine, that just like how classical computers were once rare and extremely expensive, early quantum computers are likely to be rare and extremely expensive. So let’s imagine that quantum computers are available and you want to use them from the comfort of your own home or from the comfort of your own office. So, you buy some time on this quantum computer in the cloud to perform your favourite calculation; and quantum computers promise to perform quite a few calculation much faster than the…

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    The Beauty and Joy of Computing (CS Principles) | BerkeleyX on edX | Course About Video

    DAN GARCIA: Hi, I’m Dan Garcia. I teach at UC Berkeley. I want to tell you about this amazing new course called The Beauty and Joy of Computing. It’s a computer science principles course to broaden participation in computing to everyone. It’s intended for folks who haven’t programmed before. And it’s not a programming course, but you will do a fair amount of programming in this really great language called Snap, where you program by dragging blocks around. Let’s take a look at some of the projects students have created in this course. ITZEL: Hi, my name’s Itzel. For my final BJC project, I made an M & M version…

  • Queuing Theory: from Markov Chains to Multi-Server Systems | IMT on edX
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    Queuing Theory: from Markov Chains to Multi-Server Systems | IMT on edX

    [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: Don’t you just hate waiting? Waiting at the supermarket checkout. Waiting at a highway toll booth. Waiting for an appointment in a doctor’s waiting room. Waiting to board a subway train because it is full. Waiting for a movie or a huge file to download. Waiting, waiting, waiting. But do you know that powerful mathematical tools can be used to model this phenomenon? With these tools, we can predict the quality of service that users will receive or dimension resources in order to provide an appropriate level of service. In this MOOC, Understanding Queues, we will provide you the keys to understanding the theoretical basis of…

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    Lecture 0: Introduction – Computing 1 – Richard Buckland UNSW

    I’ve got a series of polls to sort of get you in the frame of mind of thinking like a uni student or thinking like a computer scientist , really the first one comes from something my daughter said this morning as she was looking at the biscuits, and we had lots of those biscuits that were pink with little hundreds and thousands on them and she was marvelling at how many there were and she said: i like them so much I would like – she’s just learning big numbers – i would like twenty thousand of them i said “oh, that’s quite a lot”, she said yes “No,…

  • Introducción al desarrollo web: presentación corta (iDESWEB)
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    Introducción al desarrollo web: presentación corta (iDESWEB)

    hola soy sergio luján mora profesor de informática en la universidad de alicante bienvenido a mi curso introducción al desarrollo web un curso nuevo totalmente gratuito y disponible en la web mi objetivo con este curso es que aprendan los conceptos básicos del desarrollo de aplicaciones web y que al final se es capaz de crear aplicaciones web como facebook twitter blogger o flickr y es que el final de este curso acabarás teniendo tu propio flickr eso sí un flicker de juguete qué vas a estudiar en este curso en este curso aprenderás todo lo que necesitas saber para convertirte en un desarrollador web desde cero aprenderás html css…

  • What is BitDegree Blockchain Learning Platform?
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    What is BitDegree Blockchain Learning Platform?

    BitDegree revolutionising education via blockchain education it is a pathway to your career and your desired income but there are many things that are just not right courses of study are not focused enough your head gets crammed with lots of unnecessary information study materials are not up to date a gap between the needs of employers and student knowledge already exists and is widening and of course studies cost a fortune our mission is to change that so we gathered a team of software engineers blockchain geeks and startup advisers and embraced the challenge to revolutionize education via blockchain Bitdegree is the world’s first blockchain powered online education platform…

  • Mensaje posterior al registro en el curso iDESWEB
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    Mensaje posterior al registro en el curso iDESWEB

    hola soy sergio luján morán coordinador del curso y de su web introducción al desarrollo web muchas gracias por apuntarte a este curso ahora ayúdanos a difundir lo reenvía el mensaje que te hemos enviado amigos compañeros de trabajo o familiares que puedan estar interesados coméntalo en foros en twitter en facebook y en cualquier otro sitio que se te ocurra ya sabes cuantos más seamos mucho mejor el curso comienza el 10 de septiembre pero ya puedes empezar con el primer tema en el apartado temario están los temas que componen el curso el primer tema historia compuesto de las unidades historia de internet historia de la web e…