• Use Incognito Mode On My Christian Minecraft Server
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    Use Incognito Mode On My Christian Minecraft Server

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  • Make a FREE Minecraft Server | Unlimited player slots!
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    Make a FREE Minecraft Server | Unlimited player slots!

    Hello everyone, today I will be showing you how to create your own, free Minecraft server with unlimited player slots, as many plugins as you like and as many mods as you like. You can customise it however you like and run your own server. Remember, it is completely free (other than paying for electricity). To do this, you need to first find what type of server you want. If you are going for a completely vanilla server, like a normal world but with multiplayer, you want to get a vanilla server. If you want a server with plugins where you can add extra things to the server that can…

  • SciCraft Server Panel Submission (Minecon Live 2019)
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    SciCraft Server Panel Submission (Minecon Live 2019)

    Hello, my name is ilmango, and this is the submission of the SciCraft Server for being a panelist at the 2019 Minecon. Members of our survival server have cooperated to accomplish large technical projects that push the boundaries of what is possible in Minecraft. We want to show the audience some of those projects we have completed within the last 5 years. Examples include an automated machine that mines 150 millions blocks of normal overworld terrain and an enderpearl cannon that lets us travel tens of thousands of blocks in a few seconds. We want to share what inspires us to pursue those goals and how we can do the…

  • How to Set a Server Type for Your Minecraft Server
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    How to Set a Server Type for Your Minecraft Server

    hey guys I’m Mitch and in this video I’m going to show you how to select a version for your server so on the control panel just under server type click the drop down menu and you’ll see that we’ve got a bunch of different versions as one click install usually we would recommend using the latest version of spigot but if you’re not sure we’ll also link to this article in the description which explains all the different types and the difference between them and how they all work the spigot will let you run plugins on your server but if you’re also looking to run mods then something…

  • Minecraft Middle Earth Server Tour – Eriador
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    Minecraft Middle Earth Server Tour – Eriador

    Hey guys! Welsknight here. And welcome to a brand new mini series on my channel. We’re doing a server tour, which is not something I do very often… … but this is a server that I’m actually very excited for. As some of you know. I’m actually a pretty large… Tolkien fan, and this is a server where you guys are trying to recreate the entirety of middle-earth in Minecraft is that right? That is correct. Indeed. That’s incredible. Yeah, it surely is. It took us quite a few years to create where we are right now. How long is this project been going on? The server was actually created…

  • Minecraft server on Debian
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    Minecraft server on Debian

    Hello Today I will show you how to install Minecraft server on Debian So Let’s start First we should run a quick update on apt-get Then we will download the server requirements Check the Java version We havent got any Java, so install it Now we have to install screen But it’s already installed Now create the directory for the Minecraft server. And we have to download Ok, it’s downloaded So now we will start the screen and start the server The launching text should look something like this Now the server is all setup

  • How to Install a Minecraft Server Docker using QNAP Container Station
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    How to Install a Minecraft Server Docker using QNAP Container Station

    Today, we’re going to install Minecraft Server in a Docker container, using Container Station on a QNAP TS-451. I’ll show you how to install the Container Station, how to set the share drive to store the docker images and containers, and how to route the networking for the container. Container Station is a free app from QNAP available in their App Center. It’s similar to the Virtualization Station app in that it can create virtual machines of Linux, but it also supports Dockers. The concept of Dockers is similar to that of a virtual machine, except you aren’t virtualizing the entire operating system; you’re virtualizing just one application. Because of…