• Farmers’ Almanac Promotional Edition (2016)
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    Farmers’ Almanac Promotional Edition (2016)

    Farmers’ Almanac is a nationally known brand that represents trust and authority. Published every year since 1818, Farmers’ Almanac has grown to be the most authentic source for current, creative and useful advice on ways to live a more homegrown, independent, and satisfying lifestyle. With more than one million copies of the Farmers’ Almanac sold on newsstands each year, more than one million visitors to its ever-popular website and the ever-expanding number of people following Farmers’ Almanac on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, the Farmers’ Almanac brand continues to be a popular source for getting back to the basics and, it just got better. Not only does the Farmers’ Almanac…

  • Why your website’s outbound links are important
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    Why your website’s outbound links are important

    Outbound links are those which point from your website to other websites. Whilst they’re not a direct ranking factor, they’re still important for user experience and could impact your SEO indirectly. Links are how both search engines and users discover content, so by linking to relevant and high-quality websites you’ll be building trust and also helping them to find the information they’re looking for. Outbound links also strengthen the topic signal to search engines, which can help them to understand what your webpages are about, which in turn could help them rank better for relevant search terms. It’s important to keep track of your outbound links and to delete them…

  • HubSpot HubDB: How to Easily Edit Your Website Data & Design
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    HubSpot HubDB: How to Easily Edit Your Website Data & Design

    Do you wish there was an easy way that you could have databases in your HubSpot web design Maybe you want to do things like event listings or photo galleries or heck maybe even video galleries Well in this tutorial we’re gonna dip our toes into the shallow end of what is hub DB. Let’s get into this So remember if you need education past this video look at the description, we love to educate people on HubSpot Let’s dive into the portal So here we are on impulse creative website at impulse credit comport slash learn a fork slash HubSpot, which by the way is the place that you…

  • Can Yahoo Answers and Big Data Bring Traffic to Your Website? GetPaidBootCamp.com Marketing News
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    Can Yahoo Answers and Big Data Bring Traffic to Your Website? GetPaidBootCamp.com Marketing News

    Yahoo Answers + Big Data. Can Marketers use Big Data with Yahoo Answers to Drive Traffic to Their Websites? Learn more about this interesting development in this video. Plus, other recent developments in Digital Marketing! Here is your Marketing News for January 18, 2020. Welcome to the first edition of Get Paid Boot Camp’s Marketing News. Here, I will highlight some important developments and resources that may prove useful for your marketing efforts. In this edition, you’ll learn about where to find resources for the following: Google’s Stance on User Intent. How to Improve Your Video Marketing. How to do Keyword Research for S-E-O. How Big Data Will Impact Marketing.…

  • Social Eyes Website Development Services
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    Social Eyes Website Development Services

    No calls and no business? You need someone who can listen and address your frustrations properly. The current website you have may be working against you, you just don’t know it. at socialize marketing you receive a full team of marketing experts that will take your business to the next level. Our development team will create a stable and hand-tailored website unique to your business and its customers. Get you leads and get you phone calls. It will load in no time and be mobile friendly so that it looks great on all devices. We have over a decade of experience under our belt and it shows. Give us a…

  • How To Install Facebook Messenger On Your Website
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    How To Install Facebook Messenger On Your Website

    – If you wanna turn your website visitors into loyal messenger bot subscribers then keep watching because in this video I’m gonna show you how to install Facebook Messenger onto your website using ManyChat. What’s up, friends, I’m Heather Terveen of heatherterveen.com and I help savvy entrepreneurs use messenger bots in their business to grow their bottom line. Be sure to hit the Subscribe button below so that you can be notified each and every week when I drop a new video on how to use online marketing to grow your business. If you’re marketing your business, products, services online at all then likely your website is your home base…

  • How to Undo Changes in WordPress using Post Revisions
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    How to Undo Changes in WordPress using Post Revisions

    Hi guys this is Syed Balkhi and in today’s video I’ll be showing you how to undo changes in WordPress post by using the functionality called post revisions. Don’t you hate it when writing articles you delete something and later come back and wish had and you had not deleted well that’s exactly when post revisions comes in so let’s go ahead and see how to actually undo changes the you know in WordPress post so I’ve gone ahead in posts I’m gonna click edit on one of my post and right here in the publish widget here you can see that I have revision, this is a built-in WordPress…

  • Website Marketing Automation
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    Website Marketing Automation

    AUTOMATION, AUTOMATION, AUTOMATION! This stat shocked me… Did you know that the average website only gets one percent conversion rates? And that’s worldwide! Hey there my name is Brad Smith owner of AutomationLinks.com and when I heard this stat it made me angr! That’s why I’m on a mission to help you increase conversion rates on your website. That’s why we created the website in the first place right? To get people to come to the site, sign up and pay you! Now if you already have a website you’ve realized it’s just not that easy and that’s what I experienced too. So I figured out a way to increase…

  • How to A/B Test HubSpot Website Pages
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    How to A/B Test HubSpot Website Pages

    All right, there’s a party going on That’s right now you can a be test your HubSpot website pages, I’m not talking about landing pages I’m not talking about emails. I’m not talking about CTAs. I’m talking about HubSpot Website pages putz I show you an issue that you might run into in this tutorial All right, remember if you need education pass this tutorial That’s what we do check the description below But let’s go ahead and dive into this tutorial show you how you might have an issue With a/b testing your website pages show you how you can actually get it done And show you a little…