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    Lecture 0: Introduction – Computing 1 – Richard Buckland UNSW

    I’ve got a series of polls to sort of get you in the frame of mind of thinking like a uni student or thinking like a computer scientist , really the first one comes from something my daughter said this morning as she was looking at the biscuits, and we had lots of those biscuits that were pink with little hundreds and thousands on them and she was marvelling at how many there were and she said: i like them so much I would like – she’s just learning big numbers – i would like twenty thousand of them i said “oh, that’s quite a lot”, she said yes “No,…

  • Introducing Google Analytics for Firebase
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    Introducing Google Analytics for Firebase

    [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: Analytics– we all know they’re important to building a successful app, which is why there are many different kinds of analytics tools for app developers to use. There are in-app behavioral analytics, which measure who your users are, what they’re doing, and so on. And then you’ve got attribution analytics, which you can use to measure the effectiveness of your advertising and other growth campaigns, not to mention push notification analytics and crash reporting. But quite often, this work is being done by completely different analytics libraries, which means you’ve got reports living in various tools across the web. And trying to understand trends across these…

  • Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich
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    Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich

    There are 196 countries in the world. 25 of them are very rich, defined as having an average wealth per person of over $100,000 a year. They are: But far more countries are quite poor, and some – which we’re considering here – are very very poor. These are the 20 poorest countries in the world: where the per capital wealth is under a $1,000 a year, or under three dollars a day. Every country is now more or less on a path to growth, but the poor ones are growing very, very slowly. If Zimbabwe continues at its current growth rate, it will qualify as a ‘rich country’ in…